[Oct 16, 2012] Catalan Ranch: SSF4:AE, MVC3, MK9 (Las Vegas, NV)


Hosted by Catalan


1420 Sedro St
Las Vegas, NV, 89144


STREAM: www.justin.tv/twoez


Catalan Ranch is open to all local Vegas players for weekly sessions. Features all current games, SSF4:AE, MK9, MVC3, ETC. Please bring compatible XBOX 360 arcade sticks.


Do you guys do this every Tuesday night?


looking for practice sessions in las vegas, me and my bro from hawaii having a hard time finding people to session with till next week. ill book mark this page and check back later to see if more people are going.


Call me 4 Sf4 ae LAN 702 713 5494 catalan ranch is shut down