[Oct 16, 2012] Seattle Footclan : 206 Tuesdays @ Gamebreakerz (Auburn, WA)

Open Casuals: 4pm - 11:30pm
SCV, AE 2012, KOF, MK, Marvel, SFxTekken or feel free to bring in your own games to use and play with friends. We’ve got a comfortable venue with plenty of systems to get a ton of practice and games in.

Marvel Tourney Players
Tournament Entry Fee $10 Marvel.

SF AE 2012 Tourney Players
Tournament Entry Fee $5

Venue Fee is $3 for the entire night.

4pm - 11:30pm Casual Open Sessions
Tourney Registration 4pm - 7:45pm
Tourney Start times are at 8:00pm

Seattle Foot Clan: 206 Tuesdays
Twitter: @footclanstreams
Stream Channel: www.twitch.tv/seattlefootclan

Twitter: @SeattleVS
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SeattleVersus