[Oct 16, 2012] The Box Arena Presents Box Sessions Live at Frubble (Santee, CA)


The Box Arena presents Box Sessions Live at Frubble! Come compete against the best players in San Diego and our special guests!

Every Tuesday night, tournament for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition: 2012.
$5.00 entry for each game.
Although when you come out, try to help out Frubble by buying a drink or something. It’s not mandatory but it helps out and helps us keep the events free with 100% of the entries going to player pay out.
Pay out is standard.
70% to 1st
20% to 2nd
10% to 3rd

Tournaments start at 7:00 PM SHARP! If you’re going to be late, RSVP and we will try to work something out but do your best to make it by 7:00. Tournaments must end by midnight!

Frubble is located at
9628 Carlton Hills Blvd
Santee, CA 92071

New addition.
All tournaments will earn you B.A.R ranking points. Go here for more info on current rankings.
Go for the gold!

And as always if you can’t make it, watch the live stream at

–Jay Snyder

go go go

Ghost town… T_T

Be there people!

Going to be a big event tonight, see everyone there!

–Jay Snyder

Tonight is gonna be hype! Go ppl! And watch the stream!

come on…


go go go

are there converters for an xbox 360 controller? anyone?

No converters are on hand but there are plenty of sticks available to borrow.

Today’s tournaments are AE and Ultimate, featuring a special guest, Calm Warrior! Welcome back David!

–Jay Snyder

is the tournament going to happen tonight at 7? dont want to drive out there for nothing…

marvel tourney today 5/8?

Yes, there will be Marvel today. Today’s lineup is
Marvel (singles)
AE (singles)
Skullgirls (singles)
All games are $5 entry like always.

–Jay Snyder

is this happening today?

Box Arena has been out of the scene for awhile now. Frubble has closed down and no new box arena venue has been announced.

so its on again?