[Oct 19, 2012] Festival of Fights: An MFGA Special Event (Bangor, ME)

Festival of Fights
[SIZE=3]presented by: Maine Fighting Gamers Alliance[/SIZE]

[LEFT]Central Maine’s very own MFGA is at it again! This time we’re bringing you the FESTIVAL OF FIGHTS! An evening of beat downs in Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition (v.2012), Street Fighter x Tekken, Soul Calibur 5, and more![/LEFT]
WHEN: March 16th 2012, starting at 7pm

WHERE: Four Points Sheraton, 308 Godfrey Boulevard, Bangor, ME 04401

PRICE: $10 Cover

EQUIPMENT: We’ve got 4 360 setups, but if you’d like to bring your own it could be extremely helpful. Please accommodate your own controllers and fightsticks.
[LEFT]Currently there is no tournament schedule set in stone, details on that will be added as they arrive. Tournaments depend on pre-event feedback as the Maine Scene is still very new and we’re getting a feel for what everyone likes. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook![/LEFT]

I’m going.

Hahaha Oh hell yes. I’m one of the organizers of this little shindig… Can’t wait to see some of the new faces! Tournament Schedule should be up soon.

Found out in class tonight that our test has been pushed back a week and it now lands on the 16th so I won’t be able to go :{