[Oct 20, 2012] -Chipsy's Cornertrap Casuals (C3)- (Manhattan, N.Y)



What: Chipsy’s Cornertrap Casuals: A Weekly Venue.
Where: 99 MacDougal St. Manhattan, N.Y
When: Saturday, December 10th
Time: 2pm-8pm. Be on Time for the casuals, be early to sugar up with Fried oreos and Banana Splits!

Hosts: Antishoto/Rockaway Carter
Venue Fee: $5/person. Every person chipping in five bucks receives a discount for food plus shake combo at the venue.
Games: (PS3 versions)- 3SOE, MVC3, MK, KOF 13, SF4:AE, and others per request
Consoles: PS3. However, should anyone want to bring another console and another LCD tv for a dual setup, we would gladly appreciate it.

REMINDERS: Bring your own controllers, fighting sticks, usb wires, and ego by the door. Keep the drama outside, and the skill level INSIDE the area.

The more people we bring here, the more we start monthly tournies with games on the roster.

See you there!



How many setups will u have of kof??


There will be one ps3 setup. Unless we can get someone to being another monitor and setup.


I’m over from Ireland for the week, but probably can’t make Big Two. How many people do you expect to be at this?


Imma try and make it


this is on the same day as the Capcom Qualifier for those that don’t know =/


is this tournament on dec 10th, or sep 8th?


is this going on sept 15?


is this still a thing?


Word let me know if it’s going down im interested


any update on this? IS this like on facebook or something? Maybe a phone number, or instructions? I see a “Kati Roll” on google maps.