[Oct 20, 2012] [EGP] Redemption (UMvC3/P4A/SC5/MK9) (Orange, CA)



Our next super epic monthly event. With some of the best players of Southern California in regular attendance in addition to players from as far as Las Vegas, Arizona and Northern California these events are always super hype. Featuring Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Persona 4 Arena, Mortal Kombat 9 and Soul Calibur 5.

Mortal Kombat 9
Persona 4 Arena
Soul Calibur 5
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Venue Location: South West corner of Katella Ave. and N. Tustin St. Behind Norm’s Restaurant. Across the street from Wendy’s and El Pollo Loco. The parking lot is split into two sections; Lotus is all the way in the back southern part of the parking lot.

Venue Info: 14 Asus VH236H monitors. Lots of free parking. Lots of really good food in walking distance (Carl’s Jr., Free Birds, Yoshinoya, El Pollo Loco, Jersey Mike’s, Wendy’s and more). If you want to drive a block there’s an In & Out Burger, Subway, Chic Fil A, Starbucks, Coffee Bean and more.

Event Calendar: 2nd Saturday of every month.

Tournament Schedule:
12:00pm - Doors open. Casuals and registration begin for all games.
1:00pm - SC5 registration ends and competition begins.
2:00pm - P4A registration ends and competition begins
3:00pm - UMvC3 registration ends and competition begins.
4:00pm - MK9 registration ends and competition begins.
7:00pm - Casuals and competition end.
8:00pm - Doors close and thanks for supporting your community.

Registration will take place on site. Check above schedule for registration deadlines.


**Explanation of fees: **
$5 - Venue Fee (paid only once)
$5 - Cash Pot Per Game ($10 for Mortal Kombat)

Casuls only - $5

Mortal Kombat: 1st 60% 2nd 25% 3rd 10% 4th 5%

Other Games:
8 or less entrants: 1st 80% 2nd 20%
9 or more entrants: 1st 60% 2nd 30% 3rd 10%

Rules: All PS3 Consoles, Evo Rules, Double Elimination. BRING YOUR OWN FIGHSTICK/CONTROLLER. If you only own an Xbox stick/pad I have 2 house Mad Catz TE fightsticks for use and a couple PS3 pads.

Photos of recent events:





Contact Info:
Site: http://www.EpicGamerProductions.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EpicGamerProductions
Email: Brian@EpicGamerProductions.comTwitter: @EGP_Compton


What the fuck is up with you guys and the hate of AE? You guys never have AE at your events.


What makes you think we hate AE? If you knew me at all you would know that AE is my favorite fighter and the only one I play. This will actually only be the 2nd event we have done WITHOUT AE. However for whatever reason the community just wasn’t showing the support for these events so we had to drop AE from the lineup due to lack of entrants. If even 8 people showed up for AE I would add it to the lineup right now.

Additionally, we run weekly casuals every Wednesday night in Rowland Heights and we ALWAYS have AE setups. Feel free to stop by and we can run some sets.