[Oct 20, 2012] Manchester Battle Arena - Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Manchester, UK)



[LEFT]SIGN UP ON THE GAMERBASE WEBSITE - http://www.gamerbase.com/?a=competition&competition=542


Players will be seeded appropriately based on previous tournament results (T6) and skill repute.

TTT2 is going to be best of five rounds per game, best of three games per match.

Groups leading into double elimination. Top two from each group will progress onto the next stage. If circumstances force the event to possibly overrun this may change into single elimination.

Double Elimination format means that if you should lose a match in the winners bracket, you will be placed accordingly in the losers bracket, where you still have a chance (though more difficult) to make your way to the grand finals. In the grand final, the player who enters from the Losers Bracket must win two sets to win the match, whereas the player entering from the Winners bracket only has to win one set to win the match.

If there is a 2 way tie, the players will be made to play a tie-breaker.
If there is a 3 way tie and 1 player needs to advance, all 3 players names will be drawn at random. If player C is picked he will sit out. Players A and B will play each other. Winner of A vs B will vs player C with the winner advancing.
Similar in a 3 way tie and 2 need to advance. A name will be drawn at ramdom from players A, B and C. If player C is picked he will sit out. Players A and B will play each other. Winner of A vs B will vs player C with the winner advancing.

You are permitted to change characters between matches. However, in a match that is currently running, you are only permitted to change characters, if you have just lost the match played. The winner of the round must retain his characters but ma switch team order. Failure to do so will result in having to return to the character select screen and picking the correct characters. This rule also applies in Grand Finals, should the Losers Bracket entrant reset the bracket.

Confirmed DLC Characters: TBC
No DLC/unlockable charcters are banned
Solo mode is not banned

**XBOX 360 ONLY: **
All games will only be available on Xbox 360. You are required to bring your own controller / stick. Gamerbase only have a limited amount of Xbox 360 official controllers to lend out. It is your responsibility to provide a controller. Failing to do so when your match begins will result in a forfeit.


Only fixed wired controllers are permitted. Wireless controllers frequently interfere with controller detection and cause significant delays in tournaments. Wireless controllers can also be used to interrupt games in progress, intentionally or not. Therefor we have to ban them.

MACROS (pre programmed inputs) and TURBOS are BANNED.

Nobody is obliged to lend you anything, it is your responsibility to ensure you bring your own equipment.

**TIMES: **
Casuals will be available from approximately 11:00am, and will finish at store closing times, specifically 6:45pm on Saturday.

Tournament will begin at 12:00pm prompt.

You will not be able to participate in the tournament if you are any later than 11:50am. There will be no leniency towards late comers.
If you fail to show up to your match in adequate time, (3 shouts) then your match will be forfeited.

Pausing and any interruption during a match in progress will deem a round forfeit unless the opponent chooses otherwise.
Admins will be strict with their decisions since we must ensure the tournament finishes with adequate time.
You should check your buttons first then go back to character select screen to begin the match. It is your responsibility to ensure your buttons are correct.

There will be tournament stations and plenty of casual setups but there will be plenty of people waiting for a casual game so we have a one and off rule. If you lose, please allow the people waiting to have a go. If you manage a 10 win streak then please offer your seat to some one else.

Should people cause trouble and refuse to offer their place, please consult a member of staff and they shall be removed from the tournament and casuals.[/LEFT]