[Oct 20, 2012] MOK 2 (Tekken Tag 2, SF, MvC, SC, VF) (Cedar Rapids, IA)



VGF site: http://www.videogamingfederation.org/
MOK homepage: http://www.videogamingfederation.org/m-o-k-1/

You can find the Pre-registration Listing here.

When and Where

When: October 20, 2012
BattleZone Games
4333 Czech Lane Northeast, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
Shop Number: (319) 378-9663

Games (and rounds)

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - 3/5 rounds, 3/5 matches. [Solo mode banned.]
Soul Calibur V - 3/5 rounds, 3/5 matches.
Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown - 3/5 rounds, 2/3 matches.
Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition - 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches.
Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 - 3/5 matches.
King of Fighters - 2/3 matches. [3v3 character battle]
Persona 4 Arena - 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches.

-All games will switch to 3/5 matches for finals. Finals are considered to be Loser’s, Winner’s and Grand Finals. (MvC will be 3/5 until Grand.) Grand Finals may be 4/7 if we feel we are doing good on time.

-All tournaments are double-elimination. We will break tournaments into smaller pools as necessary.

-All games will be patched to their most up-to-date versions with all character DLCs allowed, unless otherwise specified in the “Rules” section below.

-All games will be on PS3, although some 2D games (specifically SF) might be played on XBOX, so please be sure to bring both PS and XBOX sticks/controllers.

-Stations will be either CRT or lag-free monitors. In other words, EVO standard.

-We will be streaming our event. We’ll have more info as the event gets closer, including a link to the stream.

-This line-up is subject to change at any time, especially if new releases or updates occur. Depending on feedback, there may be other games that end up making the final cut.

Registration and Fees

Click This Link To Register

As with all big events, we’re going to do pre-registration to help us plan for and fund the event. But, there are some special, interesting exceptions this time around. First, prices:

Entry Fee: $10 per game
Now until August 30: Venue fee = $5
September 1 and on: Venue fee = $10

$5?!?! Damn skippy. And the venue fee will not go above $10, but I still want to encourage people to pre-register. How? Well, if you pre-register you get entry into a special drawing for a monitor. AT NO EXTRA COST. Skip to the prizes section below and check out the Asus monitor raffles for more info.

Payouts, Bonuses, Sponsors/Partners and More

Paying out to more than top 3 is, in our opinion, a much better way to run an event. 1st place still gets paid the vast majority, but more players walk away with some cash and feeling good, so in lieu of UFGT, PowerUp, and other events like them, we are adopting a payout scale that differs from the standard 70/20/10:

8 – 9 entrants: Winner Take All
10 – 31 entrants: 70/20/10 (1st/2nd/3rd place)
32 – 63 entrants: 60/15/10/5/5/5 (Top 5)
64 – 95 entrants: 60/15/10/5/5/5/5/5 (Top 8)
96+ entrants: 55/20/15/10/5x8 (Top 12)

All divisions are percentages of the entry fee pot total. You’ll notice that at the 64-entry level the percentages add up to more than 100%: At the 64-entry level we’ll start adding more funds to the payouts so that we can give more people more money! The amount will still be taken as a percentage of the total entry fee pot WITHOUT the extra money included.


Battlezone Games
TV package special (via Dilly)

Bonuses and Prizes:

We will be doing some raffles/drawings in-between each game’s final 8 or so matches that we put up on the big screen. We’ll have some good stuff and some crazy, off-the-wall (probably worthless…) stuff. Everyone who enters a tournament will be automatically entered in these pointless drawings. Last year we gave away some movies, some crappy on-the-go games, and a bunch of comics.

(POSSIBLE) BONUS POT FOR TTT2: Thanks to a gracious offer put forth by a TZ mod, Dilly, he will donate a sizeable portion of his commission for anyone that signs up for Dish Network through him. (All of the details of his offer can be found by clicking here.) Just send him a PM with the subject line “Dish Network - MOK”, and he’ll walk you through the steps.

The only catch is that at least 5 people have to sign up. If we don’t make that threshold we don’t get anything. BUT, since there’s little risk involved in trying, there’s no reason for me not to mention it. By the way, I am planning on switching through him, so we actually only have to get 4 other people. I’ll keep tally on how many sign-ups he gets. Keep in mind, too, that it doesn’t have to be someone from TZ: If you know a family member or friend that is looking to change their TV service, Dilly can hook them up and still have their contribution go towards the pot! [Tally = 1]

ASUS MONITOR RAFFLES: There are going to be TWO monitor raffles this year.

  1. The first raffle is going to be a pay-per-ticket raffle. We will be raffling off at least one of the ASUS monitors used by every major tournament, including EVO. Tickets are $1 a piece, or 6 for $5. You can purchase tickets at the event, or visit the registration page to purchase tickets via PayPal. We will raffle off one monitor, no matter what, but if we get enough to purchase more, we will do so and give them all away. The raffle drawing will happen at the event before the finals. Also, if you are just a spectator, feel free to buy tickets and contribute. :smiley:

  2. The second raffle is also going to be for an Asus monitor, but only those that pre-register will be entered. If you pre-reg, there’s no need for you to do anything as I’ll have you automatically entered and it will be absolutely free, meaning no extra cost whatsoever. If I manage to make back my venue expenses with pre-registrations, I will strip the pre-reg requirement and throw everyone’s name in there. So, if you pre-reg, you’re helping yourself out for sure and possibly helping any late comers as well!

You must be present to claim any prize.

Game Rules

-Stage selection will be random, except: For MvC, either player may request the Daily Bugle stage; for SF, either player may request the training stage.

-For SCV, Viola’s backthrow infinite is banned. You are allowed 1 backthrow plus a non-throw follow-up, i.e. a guaranteed hit/combo. Anything after the follow-up is allowed (including another backthrow) as it is considered a legitimate trap/reset.

-No game-breaking glitches (glitches that prevent the game from being played) are allowed. E.g., the old snap-back glitch in MvC3. Use of such glitches will results in a forfeit of that round. If you are caught doing this more than once, you may be penalized up to and including disqualification from the tournament. Use common sense.

-Turbo/Programmable pads or sticks are allowed, but their programmable functions ARE NOT. First offense is a round loss, second is a DQ.

-Winner must select the exact character(s), team, assists, etc. that they played the match prior in that set. Loser may switch. For SF, the winner may switch ultras; and, for Marvel, the winner can change the order of their team as they wish.

-Button mapping/binding that is allowed in the game’s option menu is legal for all games but Tekken. For Tekken, you may not bind more than one input to any single button unless your opponent OKs it. If they do, we will honor that agreement.

-Pausing during a game will result in a round loss.

-You are required to turn off your controller or stick after every set. If you fail to do this and your pad/stick interferes with a tournament match, you will be DQ’d and you must take your pad/stick to another location where it will not interfere with the event (hotel room, car, trash, etc.). Do not be an idiot, otherwise we will treat you like one.

-In the case of a draw, the match is ignored and players will replay the match.

-For anything not listed here, we will make a judgment call at the time of the incident. In most cases, we will leave it up to the players to come to an agreement. If they cannot, a judge will make the final decision.


We run a one-day event and our line-up reflects that. We run brackets like the fuckin’ mob, so we expect you to be on time. Our goal is to get things done, pay the good people that placed high enough, and then get to the after party. In other words, we are not afraid to exercise our Dairy Queen powers and boot you from the tournaments if you dick around and don’t follow the rules.

The general schedule is as follows:

1030 A.M. - Doors open. Late registration and Check-in begins.
Noon (12 P.M.) - Registration for Mystery, SF, KoF and Tekken ends.
1 P.M. - Street Fighter 4, Tekken, KoF and Mystery Tournament begin.
4 P.M. - Registration for MvC, SCV, P4A, and VF ends.
5 P.M. - MvC, SCV, P4A, and VF begin.

-When registration ends, IT ENDS. No late entries of any kind. If you’re waiting until last day to take care of your registration, we highly recommend you show up as soon as possible to make sure you have plenty of time to get registered.

-Check-in will continue throughout the day. We’ve left an hour time between the end of registration and the tournament start times to ensure that everyone has time to get checked-in and get some casuals in. We don’t recommend waiting 5 minutes before your game’s start time because we’re seriously not going to wait for you. I can’t say this enough.

-You have 5 minutes to report for your match once it has been called. We will attempt to call your name several times before the 5 minute mark. The area we have to work with is big, but not a huge ball room, and we are all loud sonsabitches, so you should have no problem hearing us if you are in the room. We understand that if you are playing in another tournament you may be ignoring the bracket-runner, so at the 5 minute mark, your bracket runner will double-check to make sure you are not currently playing in another tournament. If you are not, you forfeit that set.

-We will run all tournaments to Top 8 or Top 4 (depending on the game) and then stop. Once all tournaments have dwindled to their top competitors, we will take an hour break to set up the stream and big-screen and maybe give away some free shit, then we’ll finish everything up.

Venue area, food, drinks, etc.

Our venue this year is changing slightly to a game shop. The shop is still going to be open, but we are taking the entirety of their play area for the event. Unless we get a ridiculous amount of participants, I don’t expect too big of an issue on room. If people need air, the door is literally right there and you can walk out into the parking lot.

The shop itself is on a road, Czech Lane Northeast, that is right off of a main road and has a few strip malls and a hotel on it. It’s a very low-traffic street, so once you get there, parking shouldn’t be at all hard to find and you shouldn’t have to worry about ducking and weaving through traffic. (The shop itself is in one of the first strip malls you’ll see.) Although this isn’t a hotel, there is a hotel literally right down the block, and a few more within just a couple of miles. I’ll compile a list later and add them on this post.

For food/drinks/etc., there are a couple of restaurants right next door, including a Mexican place and a Donutland, there are some grocery stores and gas stations at the end of the block, as well as some fast food places, and you’re only 2 turns and a couple of miles away from our main mall, which is surrounded by even more food places. But, if you’re looking for something right next door, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Event Room Rules And Staff

This is a gaming center, so noise shouldn’t be an issue, so be as loud as you’d like. In fact, we encourage being obnoxiously loud. Just don’t let it interfere with us calling out matches. Then, we’d have to crash some egos. When finals come around, though, go nuts.

Outside food or drink is fine, except for alcohol… at least inside the shop. Feel free to tailgate or run next door to the Mexican restaurant’s bar, load up, and then come back in. I’m sad about this, but technically, the hotel we used to do these at didn’t allow outside drinks or food… so I consider this an upgrade. :slight_smile: Be warned: We have plenty of big, burly bodies staffed for this thing, so if you get rowdy, we will rough you up. This is Iowa. We know how to deal with drunks.

As always, staff will have to make decisions and judgment calls if we run into something not outlined here. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to…


If you have questions, feel free to use the Contact page, or send a PM to Xiang on the shoryuken.com or tekkenzaibatsu.com forums.

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Someone asked a good question and I wanted to make sure I got it cleared up here in case it’s not clear in the initial post:

Can you pre-register now and pay for the games later (even the day of)?

Absolutely. If you decide to throw down before then, just checkout through PayPal without adding the venue pass. As long as you’re using the same e-mail/PayPal account I can look it up. I’ll have a list of those who pre-registered the day of the event.


I updated MvC to UMvC, just in case people couldn’t figure out that we’re playing the most up-to-date versions of all games.


Hey if you ran vanilla I’d be all up in DHC glitch land, personally.


Honestly… I don’t play it, so if people really wanted to hate themselves and play vanilla, I’m OK with it. I figured it would be pretty easy for people to figure out that we’ll be playing the most recent version, but someone brought it up (on a diff forum) as if we were really intending on running vanilla, so I thought I’d mention it.


FYI, I just made some changes to the SCV rules. Probably not a big deal here, but thought I would throw that out there anyway.


God I hate how much influence Jaxel has on the Calibur community.


I’m not really a fan of the bans, to be honest, but unless there’s a coup, it is what it is. In all likelihood, Namco’s gonna patch this shit out anyway.


The Viola one I can kind of understand. Maybe. Possibly. But the Hilde one? That’d be like SRK banning El Fuerte’s Run-Stop-Fierce.


Even the Viola one I really don’t care about, but primarily because ROs exist in the game. If the game system already has a 1-hit round ender… who cares about that? You can cry cheap if you want to… but so are ROs. A backthrow is no less situational than a RO.


I’ll agree with that. Like I said, I can ALMOST see the reasoning behind that one (even though Jaxel said all other infinites are allowed, which just means they hate Viola). But, honestly, Hilde’s isn’t even an infinite. It’s a loop consisting of a lot of 1-2 frame links that drop after a certain amount of reps (7 or 8 max) and, outside of certain characters, doesn’t have a set timing. It varies based on more than a few things.

And it’s on one of the worst characters in the game.

And Jaxel banned it.

What a fucking scrub.


Yeah, that one threw me for a loop. I tried practicing it a while back and, even if it is an infinite, you fucking earned it if you hit it. It’s no different than a super, ultra hard death combo. Depending on how I feel, I might ignore that one completely.


I apparently forgot to include the EF somewhere in that post. It’s standard $10 per game, and the pre-ref buttons accurately reflected that, but it now shows in the main post.


Just a heads-up to everyone that we are quickly approaching the price-hike that happens on September 1. Not that $5 is much, but you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

Also, for those interested in bringing a set-up, send me a PM so I can mark it down. I shouldn’t need a lot, and I should be able to hook you up with some goodies, but it’ll be a first come, first serve deal.



So, we’re less than a couple of months away, time for a few small updates.

  1. Venue fee is now $10. It will not go up again, that includes day of. BUT, remember that if you pre-register you are qualified for the free monitor, so if you don’t pre-register, you’re just throwing away a chance to get $150 worth of merch. J sayin’.

  2. Anyone who wants to bring a setup for the event, please let me know. I shouldn’t need a whole lot, and I’ll be able to hook you up with some goodies. I’m more concerned with the 2D games than 3D, so keep that in mind. First come, first serve. When I think I have enough, I’ll let everyone know.

  3. For Tekken, I am NOT banning solo mode… yet. I want to get my hands on the game before I make a final decision.

Lastly, I know I’ve already said this, but: Don’t forget to pre-register at some point! Write it down if you need to. Remember that there’s a special drawing for an ASUS monitor ONLY FOR THOSE THAT PRE-REGISTER. It helps me out in determining how I need to budget my time and resources, so it’s my gift to you for helping me out. :slight_smile:


One more thing: I’ve been getting some requests for P4U. I can’t really add any more games to the list, but I’ve heard almost no interest in VF. So, as it stands, I’m very much inclined to swap the two, and if there’s some interest in VF on the day of the event we can try to run a side tourny (no guarantees). That being said, if you want VF rather than P4U, voice your opinion now and I’ll keep tally. I’m only going to give it a week or two, max, before I make that swap.


Man, I’ve been talking to myself, huh? Anywho, another quick update: A potential bonus pot has been added for TTT2. See the bonuses/prizes section in the main post for more info.


OK, so I don’t expect the turnout to be that big for VF or P4, so I’m just going to add them both to the 2nd half of games. Post and registration page has been updated.



I forgot to do this a while ago, and since we’re only a month away, I should get on it. First and foremost, google the venue (just type in “battlezone games” or “battlezone games cedar rapids” or something like that) and the go to Google maps. Clicks on “Search nearby” and type in “hotel.” That’ll bring up all your options. Here are my suggestions:

  1. For convenience, the best possible place is the Hawthorne that is LITERALLY a 30-second walk from the game shop. You really couldn’t ask for a better spot. It should be listed as “A” if you followed the google instructions above. The only problem is, without some sort of promo, it’s about $120 a night, meaning that you better pack that bitch to save some money.

  2. If you’re looking for something cheap and have transportation covered, your best bet is the Quality Inn that is just a little bit down the block. (Still within walking distance, if you wanted to do that.) Should be listed as “B” on google. That should run about $90 a night, maybe even less depending on where you book.

  3. There are a slue of other hotel options about a half mile from the venue on Collins Rd, one of our big highways. They’re all clustered right fucking next to each other, too (just take a look at the map), and really easy to find/get to. If I remember correctly, the best deal of all of the hotels is part of this cluster, the Baymont Inn (should be “E” on the map). I think that’s <$80 a night, so if you have a vehicle, that’s probably the best deal.

I’m gonna give the Hawthorne a call, probably tomorrow, and see if I can work any special deals. If I can, I’ll post up; if I can’t, this info is the best you’ll get. :slight_smile:


How many people do you guys get for SC5 these days? Whats the IA SC5 scene like?