[Oct 20, 2012] Sodium Inc. Runback (Jamaica Plain, Ma)


It’s been a month and I know it seems like a long time, but we had to give you guys a break to collect yourselves after Evo. You already know what’s going down:

Persona 4 Arena
Cross Tekken (For who ever wants to donate to the Steven’s Bros)

We will make KOF13 $10. It has joined the ranks and will now be rated alongside UMVC3 and AE2012.

Tournament will start at 2PM and will run until we are done.

Tourney Schedule:

2PM Start time:
Skull Girls ($5)
P4A ($5)

3PM Start time:
KOF13 ($10)

4PM Start Time:
SSF4AE2012 ($10)

5PM Start time:
UMVC3 ($10)

There is a $5 venue fee plus registration for each game that you register for. If you cant make it, catch the stream at twitch.tv/brainboxjp