[Oct 20, 2012] XIEVOLUTION 2012 - BBEX/P4U NEC 2012 Qualifier - October 20th @... (Walnut, CA)


Greetings denizens of the Persona 4 and BlazBlue scene. I’m pleased to present you guys the opportunity to fly out to NEC this year and participate in the biggest and best East Coast tournament!

We will be providing ONE plane ticket for both P4U and BBEX, which will be determined by two separate double-elimination tournaments!

Regardless of whether you intend to participate in the final qualifier, I hope you will attend either this event or one of the fundraiser events to help support the event itself!

Live Stream:

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

Time Schedule:
Registration Begins: 1:00PM
BlazBlue Continuum Shift EXTEND Tournament Begins: 3:00PM
Persona 4 Arena Tournament Begins: 5:00PM
BlazBlue Continuum Shift EXTEND Top8: 7:00PM
Persona 4 Arena Top8: 8:00PM

Super Arcade
1211 North Grand Avenue
Walnut, CA 91789


All registration will be on-site before the event begins. There is no online registration or pre-registering for this event.

NEC is on December 1st and 2nd, 2012, so you MUST be available at least from November 30th to December 3rd to travel!

Registration Fee
$5 Venue + $10 Entry Per Tournament
**Prize: **100% Covered Plane ticket to NEC 2012 in Philadelphia

Airfare will be fully covered for the tournament winners.
No pot split; entry fees be used entirely to cover the plane ticket.

Prize Rules:

  • The winning player of each tournament will receive an airplane ticket courtesy of myself. You must take a round trip flight from the U.S., departing from and arriving back to one major U.S. airport of your choice. I personally will be flying from LAX, so if you wish to accompany me, that option is available. The flight will be to and from Philadelphia (PHL). This of course means, regardless of whether you are from PNW, NorCal, Arizona, or Vegas, I will buy your flight!
  • “Gatekeeping” or otherwise “Entering the tournament without any intention to go” IS allowed in this tournament. HOWEVER, the tournament is run with the expectation that SOMEONE will be going as the winner. In the event you cannot or are not willing to go, we will determine another winner appropriately. Meaning you are entering entirely as a dream robber but someone will still go.
  • A player can only win ONE ticket. In the event they are the winner of both tournaments, an alternate player will be selected for one of the events.
  • A “Second Chance Seed” event will be held after the main tournament has finished. This is to determine alternate placement in the event the champion cannot or is ineligible to attend. This event will be a Single Elimination tournament with high placing finishers who did not win the tournament.
    - James Xie cannot win a plane ticket in either event.

Double Elimination bracket, best 2/3 matches. 3/5 Grand Finals. In Grand Finals, the losing player must defeat the undefeated player twice.

We will use challonge.com to generate a seeded bracket based on tournament performance. Seed points can be obtained at the XIEVOLUTION fundraiser events here:

  • PlayStation 3s will be the console the tournament is run on, any controller or joystick can be used, so long as you do not disrupt any other matches with it (I’m looking at you, PS3 Pad Players)
  • You may switch character if you lose a match. Winner must keep the same character
  • Double Blind Character select is also possible, please notify tournament staff.