[Oct 22, 2011] [Oct 22, 2011] Raleigh, NC, Raleigh Rage Quit I (Raleigh, NC)

Here’s the details for the NCSU crew’s first tourney!

Raleigh Rage Quit
[SIZE=3]-Bring yo Pretzels we got the Salt[/SIZE]

When: Saturday October 22, 2011

Where: Wolves Den in Talley Student Center (the basement)


The best way to find Talley is to get to Reynolds Coliseum Parking Deck. Facing the deck with your back to the soccer field Talley is two buildings to your right, it is on the left side of Reynolds.

Parking is available for free for most of the campus so you can park where you’d like unless the zone is designated 24/7.



Registration begins at 12pm and ends at 1pm.

If you are running late or think you will be late try to PM me or ShinsoBeam! by 1pm we will have our computers to run the brackets and will check SRK.


Venue Fee: $5

Majors: $10

Minors: $5

Games and Systems:

All tournaments are Double Elimination with a payout of 70/20/10

SSF4 AE - 360
MvC3 - 360
Arcana Heart 3 - PS3
3SOE - 360

Catherine - 360


All Games

-2/3 set for normal games
-3/5 set for finals
-Pause results in loss of game
-All glitches that stop gameplay result in disqualification
-A draw causes a rematch
-Blind pick is available

-Winner keeps same character but can switch ultra
-Loser can switch character and ultra

-Winner keeps same team, same order
-Loser can switch teams
-Normal mode, normal damage

Arcana Heart

  • Winner can’t change character but can change arcana
  • Loser can change character and arcana
  • No simple mode

-Winner keeps character, can change SA
-Loser can switch character and SA
-No Gill

–First to Three regulars, First to Five finals
–First stage is always Inquisition
–Loser gets to pick the next stage, no duplicate stages per match (there are 9 stages so even in a first to five all 9 stages would be played in the event of a 5-4 finish).

We’d like to keep the number of wireless mishaps to a minimum so bring adapters for pads.

Currently we have 4 working TVs with an Xbox attached to them, but none of them have AE, 3SOE, or MvC3 saves and no DLC. We also only have one PS3 in the Den, also with no saves, that we plan to use for the Arcana tourney. We have a 5th TV in the den with an Xbox but the remote to get it to the right channel is lost atm but it should be found shortly.

So we are looking for one or a combination of the following:
-[S]1 copy of MvC3 for 360[/S]
-[S]1 360 with 3SO[/S]
-[S]2 360s (or HDDs) with AE[/S]

If you post that you are going to bring stuff in this thread I will waive the venue fee.

To make sure we know what we are going to have please post or PM me ahead of time, we’d like to have about 2-3 systems for casuals going when Marvel and AE are running as well.

Please make sure that your system has all updates for the games included and be at the Den by 12:30pm so we can get everything set up, we are starting at 1pm sharp.

Azn_Boy - 360 HDD w/ AE, copy of SSF4, copy of MvC3
RoboCurse - PS3, copy of BB (with DLC)
7thFonon - PS3, copy of Arcana
X (Nick) - Copy of SSF4, copy of MvC3, TV
Gamepack club member (Dont remember the name atm) - TV
Corner-Trap - 360, copy of AE, copy of MvC3, 3S0
lpvpsand - 360, copy of AE, 3SO
mccent716 - 360, copy of MvC3 (Jill Shuma)

This is our first time hosting a tournament so we hope to get everything off the ground smoothly and have too much time rather than too little.

I can bring 360 copies of MvC3, SSF4, and a harddrive that has AE.

My harddrive does have MvC3, but I don’t have Jill or Shuma.

3s should be run on 360, not PS3. 360 version is the tournament standard.

We thought about running it on 360 but that would mean we would need 2 more 360s with 3s and both Marvel and AE are on 360. Is there a specific problem with the PS3 version of 3S? I know marvel lags on ps3 but I haven’t heard anything about 3S.

3s just feels really off on PS3, it might be input lag or some game speed issue. But yeah, nobody runs 3sOE tournaments on PS3 version.

I’m not trying to be rude because I don’t mind showing up for this event. I have a few concerns though…

  1. You don’t have any true format showing any details on how the tournament is going to be ran because new people can show up or just the regular crew could show up, but you state nothing about double eliminations, round robin,etc etc …the only format detail you gave us is “All tourneys run with the rules everyone knows and loves.”
  2. Since there is a fee for this event I don’t see anywhere on your posting about the payout ratio rather it be 70/20/10 etc etc
  3. You are running 5 tournaments and expect it to be done by 10-10:30 at the latest which doesn’t sound possible if you have a decent turnout

I would seriously suggest revising all of this because you are holding an event that matches EastCoast As|Salt tournament that happened in VA.
Sidenote: Much love to the SoVA crew and MD crew if you guys happen to read this

If you need some help with this I would gladly offer my help since I live down the street from this place. If need any contact info just send me a PM and I will be gladly to assist you with anything I can do and if possible.

Thanks for the tips Mikado, like I said I’ll take any help offered. The rules thing was there as a place holder, I had a mid term the next day to study for so I wanted to make sure I at least let people know what would happen. Now that I’ve talked to the others a bit more it’s all set, though I think I have a couple more things to update later. We think we will be able to run Arcana and Catherine right from the start along with MvC3 and Super but if the turnout is more than expected we will think about it. I am seriously considering upping the venue fee to $5 because of this and I want to keep the place open till 12am, Talley is really strict about kicking people out.

As long as we start at 1pm sharp we should be good as long as people actually bring systems. But it really depends on how many people show up and not bring systems we literally have pretty much infinite space down there it is just a matter of Tvs/consoles. Hopefully we can get that one on the far right fixed then we will have confirmed 7 CRTs.

I should note that my harddrive has 3SO too lol. But it’s better if we have separate harddrives that can play multiple games i guess.

Yea my hdd will be for AE and 3so so when we get down to only 2 tvs for AE we will switch one over then the other I guess.

we should get a BB side tourney going…

Why no Tekken?

@deadontime101 We took it off the list when we thought we would only have the place till 10pm, now that we have it till midnight we could possibly run it. I have a copy on 360, but from what I’ve seen it’s a PS3 thing so we would need a couple copies of the game and update to go along with at least 2 PS3s I think we would need to do it. From all the attention it has been getting I would really like to run it.

@Irish Bear, we didnt think it would be as big a tournament as the other games (save Catherine) and we are still concerned about time since we can’t go over midnight.

It really all comes down to how many people want to play BB and how many systems we actually get or are told will be available. We are using this tournament to tell us what we can do and how much more/less we should do. I think we are going to have too much time at the end of it, even if we did run BB, but still don’t know how everything will play out.

I’ll bring my playstation 3, with all the BB characters bought. Even if its just for casuals. Only problem is , I have a 120 pound CRT and it’s not leaving my room, so if someone else can bring a more manageable tv…

Yea no problem about the TV, at the very least we can switch TVs off when a tourney gets down to the last few. For casuals I have an extra TV but I don’t know if it will be open right away just yet.

Thinking about the setups now I realize that all we really need is 2 more copies of the SSF4 disc and 2 more copies of MvC3. I can trick the Den Xboxs into thinking that my profile has been recovered on each of them and just re-download the update. As long as no one plugs the ethernet cord back in to any of the boxes my profile is on we can run AE on each of them.

The tentative schedule right now is:
AE, Catherine, and Arcana
MvC3 starts when AE starts winding down and then takes over all 4 tvs that were for AE earlier.
3SO and BB (if we have it) start whenever they can. 3S would wait until MvC3 starts to lose TVs and if we have BB it can just start whenever it wants.

Does that sound like everything would work?

I got you with a system… PS3 with Arcana 3 (it also has 3SOE, but I’m guessing that is not gonna be played on PS3)

Cool all we need is a tv for it, thanks Rob.

  1. You know you don’t have to but the date and location in the title cause it already does it for you.

  2. I can bring a 360 with AE, MvC3 and 3SO if I do come. Would that be enough to waive the venue fee for me?

I can only imagine how much I’m gonna hate to clean all that the next night >.<. But I will be there.