[Oct 22, 2012] Mitten Masher Mondays - UMvC3 - Michigan Masters returns 8/4! (Detroit, MI)


It’s time to get out of the basement.

Come out and get some games in with the rest of the Detroit Fighting Game Community, casuals all night long, and maybe some cheap tournaments too.

=== WHEN ===
Monday night
6pm – 1am

=== WHERE ===
Alter Ego Lounge
19224 W. Warren Ave
Detroit, MI 48228

Just West of the Warren exit on Southfield Freeway (M-39), and Southeast of the Evergreen exit on I-96

We have a lot of space, more than enough tables and chairs (!!!) and there’s a back patio area where you can sit outside and chill.

NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK! There’s a full bar and grill inside for you to eat & drink at, PLEASE SUPPORT OUR VENUE!

You can park in their lot, in SOME of the spaces of the lot next door, anywhere on either side of Warren, or at the AutoZone down the street, which closes early.

See this parking map to see where NOT to park, the owner of the pizza place WILL TOW YOUR CAR so please be careful.

=== HOW MUCH ===
Venue fee is only two dollars, you know you can find 2 dollars to come out and play

=== WHAT WE NEED ===
TVs/Monitors, Systems, Games, Power Strips
This is a community event and the community is strictly volunteer, we need everyone to help out in order to make our events work.
If you have a TV/Monitor to bring that’s awesome, we’ll find a place for it, if not we have some that will need consoles. Bringing your own power strip would help as well.

Michigan Fighting Game Community Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/148687751876381/ Join for event invitations and up to date news on the scene

The Murda Mitten-Michigan 2010 1.2 thread

seriously interested in this! Will you be having this again 2 weeks from today or just tonight?


This is weekly!


Yep, we should be out every Monday!


Is there usually PS3 / X-box or both?


Both, whatever people bring


There will be a $1 Street Fighter 4 tournament next Monday (July 2nd) starting around 8pm!


I’m there - bringin’ my cousin.
I’m gonna suck - practicin’ Rose - we’ll see what happens. But my cousin will probably do pretty well. Can we play other games too?


This is the first time i have heard about you guys. Is this the comprised of the FGC in michigan? I have been looking for a scene for a long time! So this sounds great! Esp since it is so close me me (I live on WSU campus)


Yes sirr. I think you found your way to the Facebook group :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m def going to this.

Edit: Are these played on PS3, 360, or both?

Edit 2: I’m blind as hell. Yeah, I’m definitely heading out there.


Bump. Money matches over here XD


Third week I won’t be attending, definitely getting back next week.