**Oct 25th Anderson SC , MvC2 , 3S **



1st June Ro “dooboy” -Urien , Ryu
2nd Ted King “LiquiTed” -Ken , Urien
3rd Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” -Makoto , Ken
4th Sami Ackerman “DrFunkenstein2k” -Ken , Chun Li
5th Sam Takara “chikahiro”


I left the final brackets with Sora by mistake and don’t have the full results , Either Sora can post the final results or if everyone who played can send me a PM with who they played and the results from each match I can reconstruct the brackets and then post the final results .

for now this is what I know…

1st Kevin Hutchins "EvilGouki"
2nd Nam Nyguyen

There were only 7 entries into MvC2 consisting of the following players…

Kevin Hutchins
Nam Nyguyen
Sora Arrington
Jae Purvis
Sami Ackerman
Harry Hu
…one more I can’t remeber who now:rolleyes:



i got 3rd in MvC2 i suck now :frowning: need to practice :lol:


MvC2 : 8 Entries

1st - Kevin “EvilGouki” Hutchins
2nd - Nam “NamyNam” Nguyen
3rd - Sami “drfunkenstein2k” Ackerman
4th - Raph “SSJ George Bush” Bendy

5th - Sora “Tron li” Arrington
5th - Harry “panmarblic” Hu

7th - Jae “ShinRyuX” Purvis
7th - Ted “LiquiTed” King

Not sure if Ted is included in the tourney or not. :confused: Anyways, nice tourney everyone. I suck in MvC2 now. :o


I got beat by drfunkenstein2k in an old school fighter…I need to practice :smiley:

Just kidding man!

…I’m just annoyed I didn’t put up a better fight…wait til next time…I should be a better challenge next time :slight_smile:

Good seeing everybody again, btw. Raph - enjoy Augusta. I might have to visit down there sooner or later…probably after I get KOF2000/2001 for my PS2, though. I can’t play Marvel, after all…


nice seeing everyone again. Ted, thanks for letting us play at your place afterwards.

I would’ve done better if I didn’t sober up in the middle of the tournament. :frowning:


good thing Capt Morgan helped you get your groove back for our XvSF matches…gawd it’s been so loing since I’ve played that…thanks for reminding me how much I hate Storm:lol:

THX for the finalized brackets…I’ll post up for APEX tomorrow