Oct. 26, 2002, PR MvC2 Results


1st place - Csar Toro “Spyro” : sent/storm/capcom (you got mad lucky you didn’t see me in losers hoe)

2nd place - Nestor Corchado “Sage” : storm/sent/cyke (2 matches with time over… so sage mode of you)

3rd place - Eduardo Perez “Dark-Angel” : mag/cable/capcom (how the hell do you still keep winning?)

4th place - Mario Canales “Cano2k” storm/sent/cyke (only reason you beat me was a bad timed ouro… won’t be the same next time)

5th Paco Vilar “Gandido” : storm/strider/doom
5th Alexis Rojas “Teacher” : jugg/mag/im

7th Josu Carrero “Patente” : sent/strider/doom
7th Ismael Toro “Mr.Shooter” : mag/cable/cammy

9th Jos Andre Reillo “Prodigy” : sent/cable/bh
9th Nestor Berrios “Magness” : storm/sent/cammy

11th Nestor Lopez “antinewbies182” : m/s/p

No WK at the tournament, but who cares as much anymore? I sent Spyro to losers (totally uncalled for) and teacher sent me to losers (glitched jug, switch to Mag, short short xx THC is WAAYY too good). Some pretty decent matches, as well as very boring ones (Strider/Doom vs. Strider/Doom anyone?) Overall, a pretty decent tournament.


Good job Cesar.:cool:


haha. gandido’s name is paco. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


You got mad lucky you didn’t see me in losers hoe.


Damn !! too many Nestors for a small mvc2 tourney :lol: are they all brothers/cousins ? :confused:

besides, I see a lot of storm/sent/xxx teams :rolleyes:

what does that mean ? did WK quit playing mvc2 or isn’t he your #1 player anymore ?


I saw WK play the day before the tourney and he was very very rusty/sucky lol.


No, YOU got lucky because I already knew I wasn’t going to win :slight_smile: You OBVIOUSLY have a Strider/Doom weakness Spyro. You picked Cyke and still lost. We’re just going to have to work on that.


Strider/Doom sucks mayor balls.


And that’s why it took you out :slight_smile:
I got the footage to prove it.


watch out Paco Loco es un crazy madrefucker!


Sounds like a fun brawl…NGL-Gandido u betta climb back up those rankings…Sage: Good shit keep up the good work…Holla at a playa and keep pimpin the PR ho’s!!!



Doc, remember MvC2 isn’t my game. It’s CvS2. Expect me to rock them when it comes to CvS2. Only one giving me problems, sometimes, is Sage (just because he can RC almost perfectly.)

Oh, I have an RC Honda counter with Bison :slight_smile:


LOL. Spyro is 8th best in the world now. :lol:



what?!?! No WHITE KNIGHT?!?!


Yup, I’m so crazy I’ve glitched srk.




ahhh… i c. eso no es muy bueno puta desgraciada


Lmao! Potter’s too good!


It wasnt my best day . :frowning: But congrats to the winners ! :cool:


You got robbed! :bluu: