Oct. 26, 2002, PR MvC2 Results


finally someone from outside philly says something smart…strider / doom sucks all balls…and enjoys in thoroughly…


U guys goin to any tournies outside PR, like the ATL team tourney??

by the way, WK would have owned had he been there :stuck_out_tongue:





WK is top tier…
spyro’s sig is topest of all top tiers!

 Something tells me you were waiting for the opportunity to say that.



Taz, he wouldn’t have owned. Trust me. I said it for a reason.


good job people




I still don’t know what he meant by that (because I know he wasn’t being serious).


BTW He would be 6th best Arturo. :rolleyes: Spyro he said that because you beat Nestor and Nestor was top 8 at EVO.



White Knight is the best in Puerto Rico and the ATL South, PERIOD!


you poor uneducated soul:lol:

fastest magz? wtf:lol:

no good man no good:p


He was the best maybe because he hasn’t been playing since evolution and I saw him play last week and let me tell you, he’s fallen back a lot.


:eek: :eek: :eek: noooooo…

Mike, at FR5 even u said I have a fast Magneto. Well its even faster, and now more dominant. The only thing is I have yet to test it on good people!


I think I’ll bust out my MSP over there at FR6!

:evil: :evil:


Bring that shiet on:evil:

Just keep giving me advice and then i’ll beat you with it:lol:

Tucks away msc and pulls out sent/storm/capcom:p


Just for that I won’t give you any more advice…or was I giving you bad advice from the beggining???, hmm…

:rolleyes: lol :lol: .



lol, i’m gonna take all of your bad advice and use it against you!