[Oct 29, 2011] $500 cash prize SSIV:AE tournament at Pepperbelly's... (Fairfield, CA)

October 29th - Saturday at 1:00PM. Signups begin at 11:30AM.

Pepperbellys Comedy & Variety Theater
849 Texas St. Fairfield, CA 94533
Pepperbellys is known for its chicken wings, burgers and calamari, Free WiFi is also available.

How much?
Entry: $7 ($2 go towards venue)
-All characters allowed
-Double elimination format - 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games.
-All finals will be 3/5.
-If a player loses a game in a set, they can change their character. Winner can change Ultra, but must choose Ultra before the loser has to pick theirs
-System of choice: Xbox 360

We’re trying to attract hardcore gamers from all over the Bay Area by providing a cool atmosphere, delicious food and huge cash prize! $500 for $7 entry??? Not bad!
Pepperbellys has new management and is making sure that the tournaments are organized and ran properly, working closely with gamers.
**We are also taking pre-registrations through email. Pre-register, then pay the day of the tournament. E-mail the Entertainment Manager – David Lew david@pepperbellys.com **