Oct 5th Universit Pinball MvC2 CvS2 Results



1st Josh Wong
2nd Julian Robinson
3rd Damian Eklund


1st Julian Robinson
2nd Alex Anderson
3rd Jason ?(RugalB)


Bum ass Josh won??? damn Josh your a Bum :lol: j/k


Love your signature josh:D Nice job on the winnings, i might come to the tourney next week if i am still healthy, I just couldn’t make it to this one


a lot of new talent in philly but I’m keepin up with the kids…


Umm, i hope you mean young kids. Cause u are not a old man, also was there any new philly comp that i missed?


Hey does anyone know erics SN or email so I can give him this site to order a game?


a couple new ironman players, one uses a fastfly infinite setup with psycock assist… plus a bunch of other random people I didn’t recognize…


lazyj: mag/cable/sent, ironman/cable/cammy

julien: bh/cable/sent, bh/cable/capcom

damian: mag/cable/sent

tim: mag/cable/cyke, mag/cable/capcom

raul: mag/storm/psy


Hmm, i must see these new ironman players. I already know the one with the fly psy combo, his name is doug funnie on srk


does anyone know the top ten for cvs2 and mvc2?


That iron man, psy, sent dude is whack yo. I’m not the best, but my man didn’t change his team the whole night? Is that even allowed, lol? You gotta play different people at least once, right? But this is coming from the guy that lost to Rugal B in MARVEL! I’ll never forgive myself for that.


yo jester, you’re that bh/cable/cyke kid from lancaster, right? if you are, then dont talk. rugal b doesn’t even play mvc2 and still beat you. and dont reply with any whack response cause any one of us from md will play you for 100 dollars a game.

also, props to the im/psy player. im is the shieetttt. you gotta have mad patience. i like that combo out of flight with im too.


why cant someone play with there fav. team is there a law against that or something? if thats the team he wants to use for the whole tourny then let him whats your problem you should worry about your lose to rugal b. more than him:p


yo, i don’t know what you’re problems are, but the difference between good players and great players is versatility. Julian robinson throws it down with zangief and juggs, josh runs it with charlie and guile, brandon hits it off with ANAKARIS!!! Where are you guys at? And btw, i’m from lancaster, but i am in no means the bh/cable/cyke kid. I too like to switch it up and show some class, so maybe it is you who shouldn’t talk, eh? GET OFF ME BITCHES, AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Plus, if you’re that white dude that kept losing to me, how much money did you waste sir? And in regards to my Rugal B loss, everyone has a bad match once in a while. No disrespect, but i’ve put down some of philly’s finest on several occasions, so i don’t wanna hear it from some lame ass MD player. ( no, i still haven’t beaten Josh, but i came kind of close once :smiley: )


And infinite, I got nothing against that im playing dude, i just think it’s whack when someone plays the same team all night.


jester you are such a funny guy:lol: i mirror matched your team and played team hyo against you maybe 5 times on the second cabinet(roger likes that cabinet, right roger?:p). yeah, but not once did i play you with my real team or any teams i use. i like playing teams i dont play(i guess what you define as versatility?uh i guess?). all these people who beat people in casual play means nothing. jermain beat sanford in casual play, i guess he’s better, right? i don’t play either of those teams, but if it’s out of casual, i can beat you with your own team. casual play is casual play, money is for real. i made fourth in the tournament, how’d you make out sir? oh wait, you lost to rugal B. i forgot :frowning:

p.s. - i have no beef but rugal b is my friend and he is learning mvc2. if you think im some md lamer, we can play for money next i see you. how about the next philly tourney you attend, is that cool?


man…dont start stupid flame topics in philly posts…we all equally scrubby in the eyes of Fecal and LazyJ…and Julien is just fukking too powerful.

p.s.Jester:just because you use different characters doesn’t mean you are versitile…nice magneto you got there…:smiley:

p.p.s.The magical pouches spike showed me…yummy yummy yummy…100% Gnome Grown…yummy yummy yummy…


Ok why dont you just stop playing cause omish people will never be good.Ye gay.


maybe but if the person likes that team then let them use there team it’s not hurting you, he’s just trying to get better with that team and only thinking about that one team.no need to bash on him:p



Jester um You’re not good anyway I’m sorry to say this but you are very bad. Seriously I don’t play marvel so don’t put me into you’re convo with other people. Because I WILL BEAT YOU AGAIN.

You’re garbage don’t you ever say my name again scrub.



oh shizzle, those are the words of rugal b. he’s too powerfull:D

man rugal b your too nice though, you showed me whast up @ dd5 in cvs2:D