[Oct 6, 2012] River City Runbacks 2: The Runbackening! (Richmond, VA)




[LEFT]Welcome to River City Runbacks 2: The Runbackening! [/LEFT]
[LEFT]A 1 day, multi state tournament in the heart of VA! [/LEFT]
[LEFT]The location:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Comfort Inn Conference Center Midtown[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3200 W Broad St [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Richmond, VA[/LEFT]
[LEFT]- Same location as Civil War 4, we’ll just be using the main ballroom. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]- Special discount rates will be available to those who wish to stay overnight on Friday and/or Saturday. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]The Headlining Games! [/LEFT]
[LEFT](All $10 to enter)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Tekken Tag Tournament 2: PS3 [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Persona 4: Arena Xbox 360[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Super SFIV AE 2012 Xbox 360[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Virtua Figther 5 Final Showdown: PS3[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Dead Or Alive 5: PS3[/LEFT]
[LEFT]and last, but certainly not least:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Xbox 360[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Venue fee is $10 if you pre-register through RVAtournaments.com and $15 at the door. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Xbox 360 setups will be on VGA “Renegade setups” 100% lagfree and HD. Now with multiple Minijack ports so you can hook up your own headsets![/LEFT]
[LEFT]PS3 setups for Tekken Tag will be as many EVO monitors as we can get (community support will be essential), but I also have good old tube CRTs to fall back on! Nordic Ninja from MAK/WHB and Brian from RESE have pledged their support with monitors, so we’ll update with further details. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Stay tuned to this page for more announcements![/LEFT]


Anyone happen to have equipment to help me record? I have a Hauppauge HD PVR and I need someone with something to split and convert VGA cables to composite/s-video/component and audio from 3.5mm to red/white cables. Not willing to buy the stuff myself. I’m a bit tight on money

Also, does anyone play 3rd Strike? I’m looking for some friendlies

I don’t have a car, so anyone from RU/VT willing to add me to their carpool?


Anyone from Radford University or Virginia Tech willing to carpool me there and provide housing for me? I can easily pay my share of the costs

There’s a good chance I’m going to be youtube recording the main setup for this event. I’ve got a pretty successful channel and I know how to record tournament videos well. It’s imperative that I go to this event

(Sample recent test capture to be able to record off of VGA cables (Didn’t use 3.5mm headphone jack during capture to capture audio))


What’s the parking situation like? Can we park at the Comfort Suites or will we have to find elsewhere, and are there any free parking areas?


… So no cross tekken? I WILL RUN THE BRACKETS.


Well Jibbo. I guess you’ll be helping us. Let’s run sfxt. I’ve already put stuff for it in the sfxt forums in srk and on facebook.
Let’s meet up and run a great tourney!


Sure thing!


Can’t wait. Btw i hate to ask but do you think we could try to stream/record some of the matches? i know i will with my cell phone but i’d like to showcase some stuff. plus we could play a first to ten or something fun like that =D


So there isn’t going to be a stream then (Other than a phone stream?):confused: Was hoping for some SFxT footage:P