[Oct 6, 2012] River Falls Brawls SSFIVAE2012 Tournament (River Falls, WI)


River Falls Brawls will be hosting a second SSFIVAE2012 tournament on Saturday, October 6th at Lazy River Bar and Grill in River Falls, Wisconsin.

All games will be on the Xbox 360 console with ASUS VH236H monitors. Bring your own controller.

Unlike our Monday night casuals at Emma’s Bar, this event is NOT 21+. Players of any age are welcome, but anyone caught giving drinks to underage attendees will be disqualified from the tournament and kicked out of the building (along with the underage player that accepts the drink).

$5 dollar entry.

Prizes: The prize pool will be $100 in addition to all entry money, which will be split between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. 60 percent to 1st place, 30 percent for 2nd, 10 percent for 3rd.

Players 21 and older who lose their first round receive a free drink token.

Registration will open at 1:30pm and close at 3pm.

The 360s will stay set up for casuals after the tournament.

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