[Oct 6, 2012] Triple Threat II | Ft. Lauderdale, FL | SF4,... (Davie, FL)


After the first VGHC Triple Threat tournament, lots of thought went into preparing for a second coming and here it is. New venue, new games, new Team! Here comes a new challenger!


This time we will be coming to Zero Ping Gaming in Ft. Lauderdale (right across the street from the Hard Rock). One of our team has a great relationship with the owner of the venue and got us a great time slot and his cooperation in hosting a great tournament. The game lineup has changed since last event. We wanted to showcase the newest games along with the best games from last tournament. SF4:AE, UMvC3, Tekken Tag 2, and Persona 4! This event will be run with 2 tournaments running simultaneously at the times shown in the flyer above.

-All games will be on Xbox 360! No exceptions! We will not be supplying converters or controllers! This event is BYOC.
-Each tournament will be Double Elimination
-2 out of 3 games (UMvC3 will be 3 out of 5) for the regular bracket
-3 out of 5 for finals of each bracket (Winners & Losers) (UMvC3 will be 4 out of 7)
-No game freezing glitches or bugs will be permitted, Offending player will forfeit that round.
-In the case of a pause, it is players discretion but Offending player will forfeit the round in the case of a judgment call on the Teams part. If you plan on playing on an Xbox pad, bring a wired pad if at all possible. Xbox does not carry the same issue as PS3 when it comes to wireless but we want to avoid any problems. Batteries in your controller dying constitutes a “Pause” ruling. Make sure you have your equipment in tournament condition to avoid problems.
*Details and tournament info are subject to change

The Team
Victor Max Vellon
Ray Money (Ray$)
Dustin Steiner
Jeremy Waxman
-If any issues arise during the event we are all there to assist. Contact one of us ASAP to avoid any situations that may run the tournament too long.