[Oct 8, 2011] Super Smash Bros Brawl Tournament! (R.X.B. 3) (Johnston, Rhode Island)

Special Event!



Get ready to brawl Rhode Island, at Rick’s Xtreme Brawling 3!

This will be the third addition held at Rick’s Game Center by the chillest tourney host in RI, great time to have some fun playing brawl =] We shall be reaching new heights as this will be Rhode Island’s biggest tournament with 30+ attendees!!!

Rick’s Game Center
1428 Hartford Ave
Johnston, RI

Rick’s Game Center (401-490-0878)
Xavier’s Phone Number (401-861-0174)
Xavier’s Skype (LordXav1er)
Xavier’s Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/LordXav1er)


  • 2:00pm - Doors Open/Friendlies/Money Matches/Sign-ups/etc
  • 3:00pm - Brawl Doubles
  • 5:00pm - Brawl Singles
  • ***??? - Item Brawl?
  • 11:00pm - Store Closes

*Schedule is ALWAYS subject to change
*TV’s will open up for friendlies as the tournament progresses.

•Entry Fees
Venue Fee - $5
Brawl Doubles - $10 ($5 per person)
Brawl Singles - $5
Item Brawl - FREE (If enough time)

Pools for Singles

•Prize Pools (Doubles)

•Prize Pools (Singles)
1st -48%
2nd -22%
3rd -14%
4th - 8%
5th - 4%

If 40 people enter

Top 4 payouts otherwise.

All prizes will be paid in Cash Prize.

Live Stream


This could potentially be a place for REGIONAL SIZED TOURNEYS IN RHODE ISLAND!!! (CAPACITY = 90+ PEOPLE!!!)

Tournament Rules

Rhode Island Rule-set

Item Brawl Ruleset

Please report the match results to the T.O. immediately after the match has ended. There will be plenty of time for friendlies after the tournament has ended.

General Rules

  1. Pay venue fee at the counter to get brawl wrist tag then you can come over to me. You CANNOT participate in brawl events with us if you don’t have a wrist tag on. (Keep it on at all times!!!)

  2. Be on your best behavior please as the people here are extremely nice, so try to be the same for them!

  3. You can’t bring your own drinks inside!

  4. No backpacks should be in the gaming area at any time, please ask a staff/worker or me to put your bag behind the counter where it will be safely stored.

  5. You cannot play other games other then what I am hosting in the reserved space I have. If you want to play any other games outside of what is scheduled, you must pay the regular venue fee ($10 extra dollars) and use the other space I am not using.

HAVE SOME FUN :slight_smile:


  1. Rick’s Game Center (5+ TVs/ 4 Wiis/ 1 Brawl Disc)

  2. LordXav1er (1 Brawl Disc)

  3. Emmy (1 Wii/ 1 Brawl Disc) (Laptop)

  4. Kid Craft 24 (1 Wii/ 1 Brawl Disc)

The more setups we have, the more time for friendlies and the faster the tourney can run!

R.X.B. Champions
R.X.B. = So Fatal
R.X.B. 2 = So Fatal
R.X.B. 3 = ???