[Oct 9, 2012] AE:2012 PSN Tournament Live Stream by UYG (U.S)


When: Friday March 2nd, 2012 at 6pm PST 9 pm EST. THIS EVENT WILL BE STREAMED LIVE.

Rules: Single elimination, there is a 24 player cap.
The timer will be set to 99 secs. it will be 2 rounds and is best 2 out of 3. if the game ends in a draw you must replay.

Where: On PSN, I will be posting brackets on the quakenet IRC chat as well as updating and posting the brackets on the UYG stream page.

link for Quakenet IRC
the channel is #streetfighter4

link for the UYG stream page:

How to enter: reply to this post leaving your PSN, OR contact me on facebook my email is
name is josh green. ONCE YOU LEAVE YOUR PSN YOU WILL GET A FRIEND REQUEST FROM ME, accept it so I have another way of keeping in contact with you during the tournament. the message will say “AE:2012 Tournament”

The following players have entered:

1.) Ilovepcp
2.) Cliffeside
3.) Lordscuzzball17
4.) Tragic_Lion
5.) Supershinbison
6.) ScytheWP
7.) cmpunk1113
8.) frankie3nig
10.) Kid_Cudi
11.) alotus5
12.) ILeGiion_
13.) uyg-terror
14.) Imagen6198

Thanks to Saki and Nemesys from UYG for the support be sure to follow UYG at:

and check out the live stream as well!

Ye Olde English Pub: The Dudley Social





Sure I’ll be part of this.
Not sure if I’ll be able to connect stream though


A1sauceDaBoss Get me in there I’m gonna win :stuck_out_tongue:


PSN - Tronzilla123


psn id: majin_sephiroth


Sign me up.


Definitely sign me up. Psn: MalcolmX_01




is possible sign me up


How come the UYG twitch channel cant be found??


This is an old post. Not even sure why the OP even posted it like this. That channel has been shut down for a long time now. This tournament isn’t even happening.