[Oct 9, 2012] NYC - NO VENUE FEE! Weekly Brawl, UMvC3 and SFxT practice sessions at... (Bronx, NY)




[SIZE=7]Please bring setups! Monitors, tube TVs, Xboxes, PS3s, Wiis, Marvel/SFxT/Brawl discs, anything![/SIZE]





[SIZE=6]Whoa, what?[/SIZE]

Yes, you read that correctly. If you’re free on Tuesday evenings and play Marvel or Smash, or are getting into SFxT (we’ll have a copy for the first session which is on launch date!), this is the place for you. I briefly mentioned it on the Big Two stream last night and I’ve been posting about it on Facebook, so I figured it was worth it to make an SRK event.

[SIZE=6]When and where?[/SIZE]

Every Tuesday from 5-11pm, I’ll be hosting free venue fee sessions in NYC. The venue is a huge, nice empty common room in my school’s student center. There’s an Internet connection as well, so streaming will be possible if I find someone committed to coming every Tuesday evening.

Fordham University is located in the Bronx, about 8 blocks east from the B/D train stop at Fordham Road.


Some of the finest talents in New York City have expressed a great deal of interest in supporting and attending these sessions–Noel Brown, Dieminion, and even the hermit Bum are among them (yes, he might actually come).

As your host, I feel like an introduction is necessary since I’m relatively unknown in the FGC. I’m Doom, and I’m part of Juice Gaming (seriously, like us on Facebook, we’re kinda godlike). Yes, the Juice Gaming that was part of the shitshow that was Apex Saturday–but also the Juice Gaming that allowed that Sunday to run so smoothly, made the decision to integrate FGC events to Apex 2012, contacted Evo staff about becoming a qualifier (successfully), got a sponsorship from Izze, and host the extremely successful Concentrate series of Smash tournaments at Local Battles in New Jersey. Some of you guys may recognize our eccentric X-23/Arthur player, dmbrandon, and the sleeper labmonster Zucco from Eight On The Break and CLASH tournaments. Hell, maybe some of you have seen me at Big Two either on person or briefly on the stream.

I’ve hosted and co-hosted upwards of 50 successful Smash tournaments, including being one of the main Brawl hosts for Apex. I also commentate and play pretty well alongside TOing, and I’m always down to help the community grow in both numbers and skill. Since around April, I’ve been dabbling in Marvel, but in the past few months I’ve been starting to get more serious about improving and actually attending tournaments. I also streammonster like a fiend and know a lot more about the community and the game than my skill level suggests.


Simply put, I want the scene to level up (including myself). New York’s FGC scene has tournaments sporadic training sessions, but nothing on a consistent weekly basis in a sick venue–especially nothing with no venue fee at all. The NYC Smash players have also never had an opportunity like this, and very little occurs in the Smash community that isn’t on the weekend. This benefits so many local players (plus any people who may want to come out from further) and will help everyone improve.

I don’t know if people may resist the idea at first, but I feel like these sessions will also help cross-pollinate two communities that are distanced from each other for pretty poor reasons. A lot of FGC players I’ve talked to have had a change of perspective about Smash and its community after Apex, and many Smash players spectate or play in FGC tournaments very frequently both online and offline (most of these people tend to love Marvel much more than Street Fighter, which is why I’m choosing it as the main FGC event here).


As a Fordham student, I’m allowed to rent out school facilities for free as long as I’m associated with a club. The Contemporary Science Fiction club agreed to let me operate under their name (after winning their Brawl tournaments, lolol) until next semester when my club (something to the effect of Fordham Competitive Gaming Club) gets fully approved and becomes capable of reserving events.

I am more than willing to run tournaments alongside the sessions ($5 entry maybe?) if it’s what people want!

As a side note, I’m considering instating a very small, maybe optional venue fee (nothing more than $5, and even that’s pushing it–possibly a suggested donation) that will go EXCLUSIVELY toward various benefits for the events such as purchasing more setups or commissioning a stream partner. Note that I will only do this if the general consensus is that the venue fee would be a positive.

[LEFT][SIZE=6]Additional (important!) information: [/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT]It is extremely important that attendees carry photo ID and a copy of[SIZE=7] this letter to campus security when entering the school grounds. Every gate into the campus has a security booth, and if you don’t have a Fordham student ID, you’re going to need a valid reason to be there. Fortunately, valid reason is available in the form of an easy, one page print-out that has the school’s emblem and my contact information on it. If you cannot get a copy of this for whatever reason (you don’t have a printer, you’re lazy or forgetful, etc.), make sure you’re traveling with at least one other person who has one.[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT]I HIGHLY discourage you from attempting to show up with no letter, but if you insist on taking the risk of coming out to the Bronx and not being allowed inside, my phone number is available in that document (and here: 973-513-3794). If you really want to be a pain in the ass to both me and the guard and have him call me to see if it’ll get you in, feel free–but if the guard says I need to walk to the gate to let you in, do NOT expect me to walk five minutes there and another five back. At that point, sorry, but you deserve to have to turn around and go back home. I don’t want any salty posts saying “These sessions suck, Doom wouldn’t let me in” because you didn’t print out a damn sheet of paper and bring your ID like an adult. /rant[/LEFT]
[LEFT]So once again, here’s the Facebook group.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]The privacy is set to open, so just click join and you’re golden. If you somehow managed to miss the extremely important link to the security letter, here it is again.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]I hope to see everyone here this Tuesday and many Tuesdays after that! These events are sure to be incredibly fun and useful, and don’t forget to bring setups![/LEFT]


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Edit: There we go. Allow the hype to begin!


I’m trying to come through!


hopefully I’ll be there for the first one


Bump, this starts in 14 hours!


Are these events still going on?
I’m probably going to attend Fordham next year so I was curious if these weekly sessions will still go on next year…


damn i wish i woulda knew about this before. even though its the last day i’ll be there.


[LEFT]i wanna go tonight but theres something that never stops trying to load up on the letter im supposed to print out. you know how whens something is loading theres a circle that just keeps going around and around. i see 2 of those. not sure if i can print it out like that and still get in or what?[/LEFT]


So, how many people usually show up to this?


this still goin on? o.O