Octagon Gate problems


So I finally got my Octagon gate for my TE stick and I’ve always used that style gate. Anyways I’ve noticed that the bottom corner input isn’t coming out 15% of the time. I’ve done the QCF slower than I normally do it and it still happens. It’s usually when I’m in the air aka for Gouki. When I go into training to check it out all that comes out is the bottom and side arrows. I’m even riding the rail to make sure they come out. Any suggestions?


*But the square gate has some advantages. It is not difficult to hit the primary directions (up, down, left, and right) as they compose all the borders around the deadzone, and the diagonal directions are easy to hit because they have large throw sizes. While on circle and octagon restrictors, it is a compounding challenge to hit the diagonals when they have no edges on the deadzone, small engage zone sizes, and only an equally-sized region of throw. The square gate assists in finding the diagonals more easily and accurately, while single directions are easy enough because they surround the deadzone.

There is a contradiction to having a square set of switches with a circular restriction in engaging them. The glory of the square gate is the balance of equally-sized engage zones with the equally-sized combined edges of the deadzone and throws for each direction. The square gate best-accommodates the diagonals. This is why high-quality parts manufacturers generally stock their joysticks with square gates.

For circular and octagonal gates, medium to far throw distances are necessary so that the diagonals can be located easily. These gates are usually manufactured to have these larger throw distances.

The best use of circular and octagonal gates is for play with the stick constantly along the edges or with sparsely needed diagonal movement. If you do not tend to hold your joystick at the edges all the time, the square should be better for you.

Transitioning to a square gate can take a little time and practice. You should try to understand the structure and goals of the square, and learn to use a gentle touch. The ability to spin the joystick around all directions using a square gate can be just as easily done as on a circle.*

From: Slagcoin


if its not registering your inputs then either you are doing them too fast or your pcb is screwed up.


Sounds like ur PCB might be messed up or maybe the wiring. It should read ur inputs regardless of the gate you have.