Octagon or circle restrictor gate for JLW-TM8


I’m aware that most people suggest using the square gate, but I have 2 modded se sticks. One has a jlf with an octagon gate. The other one uses a jlw-tm8 and I want either an octagon or circle gate for it.

Where can I buy one?


I don’t think that an octo-gate exists for the JLW.

Circle, yes.

Can order from AkihabaraShop for 480 Yen + shipping


Appreciate the info, but I can’t find it on the AkihabaraShop site. Link?





The Circle gate for the JLW is very restrictive. I wouldn’t recommend it to be honest.


What do you mean?


its very hard to be consistent with the diagonals. nothing a little modding wont fix


I disagree. The diagonals are smaller than in most ( if not all ) other jap joysticks, but they are still pretty consistent.
The octagon restrictor is available at Ultimarc, I haven’t tested it though, however I can tell you that the GT-O works very well.


The circle works fine.