Octagon or Square Gate



Hi, I’m new to posting on these forums; i was wondering is their anybody out there that uses balrog and uses a octagon. I wanted to know do you have trouble doing the headbutt to ultra with balrog


Well I use a square gate for every fighting game I play but I have used an octagon gate before and I was able to pull off everything as I normally would, it’s a preference thing really.

And please don’t type in all bold.


Been using square gate for years then started maining Ibuki and switched to octagon gate for easier SJC cancels. From first hand experience, the octagon gate is a pain in the ass when using Boxer again. Sure, you can do everything you could normally do with the square gate but you have to be consciously aware of the diagonals. e.g. i found I started missing a lot of hb -> ultra because im used to hitting ub for the headbutt and then immediately going back down the db for the charge before doing an ultra. If I’m not consciously paying attention to it, a lot of the time my ub headbutt rolls to the UP position and I lose my back charge.

I recommend sticking with the square gate once you’ve already learned it. It’s easier to learn how to use the square gate with other QCF characters than to re-learn a charge character using an oct gate.


i use an octo gate. i grew up with happ and octo feels as close as possible to it as i can get on sanwa. i’ve tried to learn the square gate probably about 5 or so times and i just don’t like it. i constantly jump when i dont want to or press down when i don’t want to.

just play with what you feel comfortable with.


octogate, all the way, regardless of what kind of character you’re playing.

Sure it’s a bigger time investment at the beginning to get use to it. But once you do, you’ll realize the 8-directional tactile feedback is far more useful than anything else a square or circle gate can offer.

just my $0.02


Its all up to personal preference. Neither one is better for any particular reason. If anything square might be better for keeping charge while preforming combos and such because you can ride the gate smoother.


I use square, but I dont really mind either one.


It is all down to preference. I do use octo and rog is my main and I can do all his stuff just fine. I would rather use square but I suck at using square for non-charge characters so I stick with the octo.


I have the exact same problem when I play balrog (losing my back charge when I headbutt) with an octagonal gate. Other than that I find the octagonal gate better in almost every way but I’ve just had to switch back to a square gate because not being able to do balrog’s hb u1 consistently was too annoying. But it is, of course, personal preference.