Octagon Restrictor For Sanwa JLW?

Is there an octagon restrictor for the Sanwa JLW series?
I find no info on this, all i see is one for the JLF series and a circular one.

There is no info on it because it doesn’t exist.

Figured as much, why does the description for JLW say 4 way and 8 way configs?

Because if you turn the restrictor you can only hit 4 directions instead of 8.

Thanks for the info.


The GT-O (the round restrictor) for the JLW series is essentially the equivalent to the GT-Y (the octagonal restrictor) for the JLF series sticks. Both the JLF and JLW series sticks can be converted from 8-way to 4-way… by turning the entire restrictor on the JLW series, and by turning the inside portion of the the restrictor on the JLF series. You can find all of this stuff on my website.

Email or pm if you need any more info…