Octagon restrictor plate mod in TE stick?

Yeah so I looked around a bit…and I didnt see it in the TE stick breakdown vid…

I was wondering if I could change the four gate for to 8…someone mentioned to get a sanwa gt-y octagonal plate restrictor…

but if thats true…does anyone know how to actually do it?

If someone can provide a link or have good info…It would be really appreciated

i think there is already a tutorial on here somewhere. did you search?

I heard someone put a gt-y on their madcatz but can’t confirm. If you search youtube for jlf ultimate mod it shows them taking the gate off for a jlf.
It’s almost the same for a stock TE but you have to man handle that thing. I personally used pliers and moved each black tab back before pulling the gate off.

You can put a Octo on your JLF in a TE. I wouldn’t recommend it for the SE, though. Just causes problems. (my GT-Y is stuck on my spare SE joystick now.)

Push in pins. Remove old gate. Put on new gate. Close stick. Enjoy.

What kind of problems? I was thinking of putting a GT-Y in an SE stick.

I think he means the stock SE stick will have problems with the GT-Y. Since the TE has a JLF, it works perfectly.

Oh I was wandering LOL. I just ordered me a GT Y for my JLF and I am using the SE stick.

You just snap the restrictor out, snap the new one in. It isn’t hard at all. you don’t have to unwire anything. you just push the little prongs in a little, click click, and you’re done.

Nah, if you put the gate on then it’ll never come off, basically. I should’ve gauged this by the amount of force required to pull the original one off.

But seriously, don’t put a GTY on a SE knockoff JLF. Too much trouble.

Oh, I was referring to the TE version from the OP.

Wasn’t talking to you, I should’ve quoted.

Is it just the work required that doesn’t make this swap worth it? Or is it something functional? I actually already have the stock square gate out. Stick is in pieces waiting for parts.

It doesn’t fit very well.