Octagonal Gate: Good or Bad?

Hey I’m getting a custom stick soon and I’m just wondering if a Octagonal Gate is good for 2d, 3d or both?

Is it even worth it?

sorta depends on what you’ve practiced on before, and what you’re comfortable with. have you previously used octagonal gates? or have you been playing on square gates and wanted to try something new?

Said it a hundred times before, it’s all personal preference.

If you’re used to American sticks like p360’s then I say use octagonal since it’s similar. But I started out on Square gates and still love it till now, but when I play on p360’s/other American sticks, I have a hard ass time finding the corners of the stick. I play 3S and CvS2, and I still use square gates, but you might find doing SRK’s hard in the beginning. But for 3D games, I’d say definetely Square gate.

So go with what you prefer, or try both if you are able to.

well i just got the tekken 5 arcade stick that comes with the anniversary SE…and thats square gate and its ok…sometimes qcfs just feel like they go up (like i do it and jump)…i guess i just have to get used to it…im asking this b/c im getting a custom stick with the sanwa JLF-TP-8YT

actually the octagon gates have great precision. Each direction has a groove so youll never have to guess where block is. The p360’s are completely smooth and you have to guess where block is. If youve been playing fighters for years, you kinda already know where it should be at. Ocassionally, players will hold down back to block low but it will more down than back and the p360 will just register the down.

This probably happens to everyone every now and then and it cant be helped since their so smooth. This problem will probably never happen on an octagonal gate. If it does, it could be the stick is going bad. It will never happen because your block was 1 or 2mm off. Thats probably the biggest advantage octagonal gates have over p360’s.

The US is big on p360’s since their so smooth and damn near never miss a move. If its not a p360 it will have wear and tear and over time the performance of the stick will decrease. This decreases gameplay over time and youll probably never notice it until you jump on a good stick.

I’d still op for the p360 since they’re the most reliable. The last thing you want is to join a tourney and you get raped because of shitty equiptment. Theres more important things to worry about like the match. You shouldnt have to second guess your stick when you play.

Well if I’m already having to guess where down-back is, then it’s not too reliable from the beginning, it’s just in a longer-lasting state of it.

Not docking your opinion, just saying that I fit your description and so the gate is better suited for me. My friend’s all about the 360’s and I play on his sticks all the time, but I never fully got the hang of the down-backs etc.

As for square or octagon… I will find out in due time.

I’d say get octagon. I believe you have to order the part seperately from the stick, why don’t you just ask the designer to send you both the original and the new restrictor? you don’t really have to do much to change it, its really easy- if you don’t like one, just switch to the other.

Since I preferred the circlular feel, I went with the octagon for my JLFs. It makes it great for playing both 3d and 3d games, in my opinion. I still like to play on happ sticks, too though.

Is the old ASCII stick square gate? I have one and I’ve been trying to get a feel for it for the longest time, still having problems just due to the nature of requiring super-tight precision to properly execute stuff on it…


Personally I have an easier time doing quarter, half and fully circular motions on an octagonal gate but dragon punches and (strangely enough) double quarter circle supers seems to come out more reliably with a square gate.

Sanwa square gate = short throw

Sanwa octagon = longer throw than square gate

The old DC Ascii stick had an octagon plate WITH short throw. Best piece of 3rd party hardware I have ever used. Wish I can find that stick for sale somewhere. I loved it.

do you mean the generic ‘ascii style’ ascii stick, or the agetec ascii / green goblin?

i had a really good common stock ascii stick for the playstation that was pretty good and domestically distributed even. it had an octoganal gate and it shouldn’t be that hard to find on ebay. this place has 'em refurbished for fifteen bucks. and no, i’m in no way affiliated.
actually, i think there were a whole bunch of ps2 ascii sticks made for CvS2 that are imports too.

This one. Oh so sexy. http://www.dreamcastgallery.com/dc/galleryimages/segaend_asciimiss_boxfront.jpg

my friend has one. It worked well for years till it recently started to fade. Directions and buttons started fading. uber rare to find now a days.

I think its too small to swap a sanwa into it. I think the box is only like 3 inches tall. any one know if something can swap something into this?

I’ve read that’s also an optical type stick (no switches when pressing direction). True?

yea i think it is. I opened my friends up to see why it wasnt working right. I took the joystick off and theres this round green\black piece. No type of switches what so ever and when you roll the stick theres no click sound. I looked at the actual piece and on the inner part is a circular groove. I wasnt completely sure because compared to a p360, its probably a 1\3rd of its size. That might be a little off but its easily half as small. I think the octogonal gate is on the face plate so it still had a groove for each direction yet p360 control?

hmm sanwa meets p360?

i have the thing. Sanwas can swap easily. :smiley: in fact, you can use a JLF’s gate on a ASCII and have no problems. the Ascii is a very close clone of the Sanwa Flash.

on topic:

preference, definitely. but my preference: Square gate. i’m just used to it, that’s all.

i got an octogonal gate for my sanwa stick and i was pretty bummed. i had alot of trouble finding u/f and u/b for lowjumps in cvs2. they just felt very hard to find when i needed it.

but i had been playing on squares for a couple of years so maybe i just got used to it.