Octo gate for TE Stick. Where and how to?

Hey guys whats going on. I did a search on octo gates for TE Sticks and didn’t come up with a solution so I wanted to ask you guys if it’s possible to mod the TE stick (got it in the mail today) to remove the square gate and put in the circle or the octo as you guys call it mod inside.

I personaly dislike the square gate as, and some may laugh, but I cannot do any QCF/QCFx2 when I stand on the left side. Right side is perfect. Negative Edge and even DF,DF work aswell. I troubleshooted with all the characters and I could not do it on the left side so I am kind of upset about that haha. Does anybody else have issues doing QCF’s with square gate standing on the left side?

I know modding this stick voids the warranty but with no refunds to it and me being trial and error guy I may as well try.

Any info would be great.

. . .

First all you have to practice to be good in a jap stick, you say that you barely got it today that’s not enough practice. It takes a while even if are using a octo gate. This is what you are looking for Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate,http://www.lizardlickamusements.com/images/for_sale/joysticks/sanwa_gty.jpg The joystick you are using is a sanwa joystick, you didn’t find anything on the octo gate for the TE, because you had to search for sanwa octo gate.

sure buddy just remove the top using allen wrenches. and under the joystick u will see the squared gate. push all four black tabs toward the center then remove and replace with an octo. U would need to swap the whole joystick with a semitsu to change the gate to a circle one.

Thanks for the reply bro. I do understand that I could potentialy be jumping the gun but I am just more used to the circle gate thats all and doing the motions on the right all the time and none on the left just made me a bit jumpy and some what angry I guess haha. I’ll give it some more time and play some live matches (will probably lose alot but its cool) but I’ll probably end up ordering the part.

Thank you very much for the responce guys. I appretiate it.

you may want to try to go to modchipman.com and get it if you want it in a week instead of next month (if the stores are open)

why lookie here, its instock and its $4.99

its a pretty easy swap and if done carefully i don’t suspect you will void your warantee being that the sticker for the void is on the bottom and you can just unscrew the hexes from the top and remove the square gate as mentioned above.

Hey thanks alot man. I think I’ll have to order that part because I just went over my buddies house and we all tried it and no success. I can understand if no QCFs were coming out but always working QCFs on the right and never ever on the left really has got me thinking.

I was thinking. If I pop it open as is can I take out the square gate and kinda have the stick without it heh? Have alot of guys mod their square gate with the octo one or no?

No, you need a gate on there and why u wanna change so quickly when u just got it.

having an SE stick, i know how much of a pain that gate can be. it takes a while to get used to but it can do the double QCFs. i only got the hang of doing it from one side tho so i switched to an octo gate myself. i sometimes switch back to the square practice with it

Well the trial and error part of me want to see what this stick is possible of and while I did come home with an idea and I went to the bathroom but when I came out my dad popped the stick open and we were toying around with the actual gate now and his stubborness finaly gave in and he agreed that it is indeed a square restriction. It feels really easy to swap out with the new octo restrictor. Since I’ll be ordering the part anyway we probably going to mess with this square gate to a point where we messed with it enough and we discovered that you can just simply pop the square gate off so right now my stick doesn’t have any gate restrictions and the QCF’s. A bit off on the Charge up and down but there is always a catch 22 so I am not mad about that. With the octo stick, in theory, I belive it will give me enough circle and restriction feel I need from this product. Hopefully.

My next move is to somehow remove the circle things aroud the actual buttons on the top because they are to thick and make the button pressed hard sometimes with the combo I need to do. Idea engineer.

Then get the octo gate. /thread

You should sell the TE to me and play on your pad imo. I like square gates.

I really enjoy playing on my FightPad I think it’s a great addon to my SF4 collection haha. If all goes well this stick may not be such a waste. Will see. I’ll update again when the octo gate ships.

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions guys. I really really appretiate it. :slight_smile:

dont listen to these negative nelly’s. do what i did practice with the octo gate then upgrade to the original

Yea try out the octo gate. you will end up wanting the square again since blocking with the octo gate is shoddy.

I’m ganna agree with dragonJAB, you need to play longer. When I first got my TE I really sucked (Im still not very good, but much better than before) and I also didn’t like the square feel of the TE stick and thought that it was partly responsible for me sucking so badly. However now Im really used to it and I played in an octo for a while at a buddies and it doesnt feel quite right, I find it hard to shoryuken/uppercut/tiger knee (or do any of those Z movements) with an octo. But that may just be me, I also think you should practice with the square gate a little longer.

Swapping the square gate to an octo is easy: http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2009/may/20/video-how-swap-out-square-gate-te-stick/

Just to repeat the above info, you want one of these: http://www.modchipman.com/sanwa-gty-octagonal-restrictor-plate-p-1658.html

Like other people have said, you’ll probably want to put the square gate back on eventually, but the octo can get help you get circular movements down. Once you have them in muscle memory, it won’t really matter what gate you have on there, and square is better than octo on non-circle diagonals.

Practice. For the love of god.

FYI, octo=more throw(more stick travel until it hits the gate). Also, the corners are sharp and hard giving the circular motions a rigid feel. A square gate has 90 degree curved corners.

Its not like I am not giving this a shot with a square gate. I just can’t grasp why everything works fine on the right hand side and not on the left when done the same way/buffered the same way and linked the same way you know. I am just simply testing out my new product that I payed my money for. No harm in that. I hope you understand :slight_smile:

I am just simply testing the waters with the gate options to see whats best fit for my style which is why I ordered the octo gate just to see what it can do. Chances are I’ll go back to square gate tommorow after I sleep on it.

It’s the square corners themselfs that gave me the issue on the left hand side doing QCF’s. I figured since everything was cool on the right hand side right down to a crisp then it’s the same feeling on the left. Will see it’s nothing major yet.