Octo-Gate on EX-SE?

So I know the stock stick on the EX-SE is a LS-32 and I tried to find an octogonal restrictor plate for it. I couldn’t but i found one for the LS-56, which looks much bigger…

So my questions are, is there an octogonal restrictor plate for the LS-32? If not, can I put the LS-56 into a EX-SE?

Bonus question, how hard would it be to dual mod one for PS3 use?

Thanks, stick noob here, please be gentle.:tup:

from wot i know, there is only a factory round gate


There is not Octagon for LS-32(-01) Joysticks.

LS-56 can be installed in HRAP EX SE.

Cannot Dual Mod because the stock PCB is non-Common Ground.
Will have to replace with Common Ground Xbox 360 PCB if you want to Dual Mod.

Or turn the PCB into Common Ground.
With use of Hex Inverter and Analog Switch, Optocoupler and Resistor, Transistor and Resistor, and what other ways.

Thank you very much. I really appreciate the help.


some guy posted that a while back. couldent find the thread, but i had the image saved previously.