Octo gate questions


Alright, I’ve had a TE stick for over a month now and I can say that my execution remains sub-par. At times I want to say “Fuck it, pad time” and just switch back.

I don’t ride gates. But for characters like Zangief, and other QCF characters, it could probably contribute to the execution I desire.

  1. Where would I buy an octo-gate?

  2. What is the process of switching my current square one with the octo?

  3. What tool will open up my TE stick

  4. Square or Octo, which do you prefer and why?

  1. You can get an octo-gate from lizardlick.com or gamingnow.net.

  2. Once you open up your TE, you can juse pop the square gate off the tabs and fit the octo-gate on. Very easy.

  3. You’ll need an alan-key or hex key, to open the TE stick from the top. I dont know exactly what size alan-key though. Just unfasten the 6 screws and take the top plate off.

  4. I use square. Feels better.


So I dont need to use tools to put the gate in?

  1. I guess you’re in the us since yoiu didn’t state your country… and therfore I don’t know off hand, I’m sure someone else can tell you.

  2. Very easy, just search youtube for a video

  3. Screwdrive, again serach youtube if you want to see someone doing it

  4. Square - I remember wanting an octo restrictor when I first started on a stick, but as I got used to a square gate it really started to make sence to me, it really is better once you get used to it imo. Especialy with all of sf4 shortcuts. I do however think a shorter throw than the jlf is a really good idea - my personal advice would be don’t get a different gate, get a different stick, the seimitsu ls-32-01 rocks!


I’m not an expert or anything but I’ll throw in my 2 cents.

  1. http://www.lizardlick.com/pages/arcade_parts.shtml or http://www.gamingnow.net/

  2. It’s pretty simple. Loosen the catches and take the gate off then snap the new one on.

  3. I don’t own a TE, but I think an allen wrench is used. Not sure on size.

  4. When I first got my HRAP I immediately switched to an octo gate assuming it would be better than the square. What I found out is it really made some motions hard for me to do (namely guile and vega’s ultras, some other charge moves and moves like chicken wing/hooligan were tough for me). I switched it back to the square gate and everything seems easier. It still takes a lot of practice though to get comfortable. I don’t ride the gate much either, but it does help at times to do so with some motions, for me anyway. The square gate is just nice cause when you need to hit a corner for a motion you know you hit it with the square gate.

Id say try out the octo. The worse that could happen is you switch back to the square, and the gates are cheap anyway.


I love square gate.

I’d play on an friends octo before I commit to buying the parts if I were you. Make an educated decision. If thats not possible then I’d buy the parts and try it out then. You can always switch back. Some of my friends think octo suits them, some love square. Not every person is the same.


That is correct, you do not need any tools to install your octogate. On sanwa sticks the gate simply just pops off. It’s held on by 4 plastic tabs. But as i said earlier you WILL need an alan-key to take the top screws off the TE stick.


I ordered this one. Opinions?


Yeah, that’s my only problem with the sanwa stick on the TE. I own a stock SE stick aswell and even though the Madcatz stick is lower quality I like the shorter throw on it, it just feels better.

I’m not gonna touch my TE but I do plan to swap out the parts in my SE soon-ish and I’ll probably take your word on the Seimitsu stick.


Yeah I dont have a problem with the stick itself. It’s just that when I’m trying to do certain motions, with zangief per-say, i have some difficulties.

I’ve heard that the square gate is suitable for charge characters. This is probably right. But I don’t use charge characters, which Is why I thought i’d test out an octo-gate for QFC/720 motions.


I prefer Octo’s myself, the one you posted is the one I bought for my TE stick, works great, simple install, no complaints. The octo-gate just made things easier, I couldn’t for the life of me finish off Akuma’s BnB with the triple fire ball until I switched gates. Just my opinion, but I find it makes certain motions easier for QCF characters.


I appreciate your insight. That was my guess on Octo gates, with QCF-related characters having an easier time.


I play mainly QCF characters and I hate octo gates. The longer throw sucks.

Check tech talk for this sort of thing next time. There are 9109381029831 threads about octo gates there already.


I actually prefer square gates for 360s. The larger activation zone for the corners makes them a lot easier, and I can just mash the stick into the top-right corner to make sure it comes out.


It’s based on preference right? There are such things as round gates, but im sure those arent good.


Yes and no (this part of the debate has also been done to death in tech talk). Although prference does hold some merit, the octo gate makes the throw of the stick longer, which frankly, I don’t see how someone could consider this an advantage.

Seimitsu LS32s have a round gate, but a shorter throw. I dislike them (not due to the gate), but a lot of people like them a lot.

I always recommend that people spend whatever time they would use modding their sticks to actually practice, but in the end, it’s up to you. I used an octo gate for a while when I switched from American parts to Japanese. If I had the choice to make over again I would have just stayed with square.


…no. ls32’s have a square gate by default.

If you do get the ls-32-01 remove the plastic restrictor - it lets you turn the stick in to a 2 way or 4 way if I remember correctly, but in it’s default position it’s not ment to affect stick movement at all - however it just catches a couple of the corners of the square gate. Also when you push the stick to the very edge of the gate it will lift up, which is annoying at first but you get used to it. Saying both those things I guess makes the stick sound bad, but really it’s much nicer than the jlf imo =).

Actualy my advice would be get an ls-40-01, it’s basicly the same as the ls-32-01 but it doesn’t have the 2 problems I mentioned above and has a slightly shorter engage - however many peopel dislike just how short the engage on the ls-40 is so meh. Also if you got an ls-40-01 you’d need to buy an S restrictor plate seperatley as it doesn’t come with one, unlike the ls-32-01.


No, they don’t. The default gate is circle. They’re square if you remove the restrictor gate.


No, they aren’t. That ‘restrictor’ is larger than the square gate below it.


I’m actually still undecided myself. My execution just plain sucks and I guess that’s expected as I’ve only had a stick for a few months.

I really can’t decide between the two. I really feel Octo is better for input characters and square for chargers. With the square gate I always find myself accidentally “slipping” into a jump or crouch at the worst possible moments.

With the octo I have issues hitting those corner to corner moves like vega(claw)'s and guile’s ultras, and Balrog’s headbutt.

I think you(and I) need to settle on a character first, pick whichever gate feels better for them and just learn the crap out of that character.

P.S. Of course now that I realize I need to settle on a character… SSIV is about to hit which makes me feel like picking now is pointless unless just learning better fundamentals as I’ll most likely switch “mains” when it comes out.