Octo gate replacement question

Okay so, this is my fightstick

So the squaregate is really annoying, and I always hear that octo gates are much nicer.

  1. Would it be worth it to switch them out?
  2. Is there any risk in switching them out?
  3. If I switch them out, do I just take out the square restrictor plate and pop in my octo restrictor plate? Or do I need to move around sensors and stuff?
    (PS I know very little about modding fightsticks, I’ve only watched a few tutorials)
    Thanks in advance

There is no risk
It is EXTREMLY easy and safe to do
It’s very cheap to do
Your picture doesn’t work so I’m going to assume you have a madcatz fightstick

I would, however, suggest you just learn to use the square gate. They are technically much better and in practice many prefer them. Not to mention if you ever have to use someone elses stick the majority of other sticks will also have a square gate.

It’s weird at first because you’re probably use to analog sticks on controller but, in time you’ll get better with it.

Yeah like kelter said its pretty easy but if your like me you can use the octo for awhile then when you go back to the square it feels like a octo lol.