Octo Gate


I recently bought a Qanba Q4. and i fine that doing QCF are like so insanely hard sometimes when using a square gate. Will using an octo gate make it easier? Since i cant even get double QCF or QCB using a square gate without trying like 1000 times.

This is my first stick ever btw…


It will get easier when you practice a lot. :smiley:


Keep practicing. Don’t use an octo gate.


Learning square gate is best simply because you can pick up pretty much any stick and feel comfortable down the road.


All these answers are nice but the main question on whether or not octo makes those motions easier still has yet to be answered. Id rather have a stick i feel comfortable using then have one that i hate and have to learn… which may or may not feel enjoyable later down the road…


Give it a few months, if its your first stick you still need to get use to it.

I think after using octa for ~6 months that its not superior, just different.
Square - harder to do QC, IMO harder to do SRK
Octa - what you gain in QC/SRK you lose in diagonals (jump forward)

Guess grapplers could/should do octa but its mostly different, not better or easier


Octogate on Sanwa JLF is not good…for me;
I prefer Seimitisu LS-58 's octogate.


Octagonal gates will not be easier to use. I tried one and they don’t feel great. It’s difficult to figure out corners easy and to top it all off, QCF and SRK are not any easier on it. I actually think that stuff is much easier on square gate.

Think in square and not circle and your execution problems should lessen.


square gate will not make qcf easier.


Doesn’t make it harder either.


QCFs are easy on a square gate once you teach yourself to stop riding the gate.

Daigo will show you.



Or you could think and square and use the gate and QCF becomes QSF. Down, down forward corner, up to forward. It’s really not hard at all and super easy once you realize the game is coded for square directions.

Seriously, this is easy stuff. SRK is even easier.

Forward, down, down forward corner.

People really need to stop thinking circle and start thinking square. The faster people adjust to that thought process the easier their execution will be. Every “circle” motion is actually a square motion with corners. Use them.


Well, one good thing about octo gate is it greatly cuts down on people asking to borrow your stick.

Doing circle motions by riding the [octo] gate is a little easier, but it’s a habit that will make your proficiency even worse if you ever have to use a square gate.
And until you have some quality time with the octo gate you’ll probably have trouble finding the down-back to block and get hit because you were actually holding down. Also, the octo gate will probably discourage you from picking up charge characters.

So even though I use an octo gate myself, I would advise you to try to stick it out with the square gate.


I used a square gate quite happily for years, then switched to an octo gate on a whim and suddenly everything was right with the world.


I prefer to use an appropriate tool … than adapt myself to the tool.
Fate of the doctrinaire.


Octogate made QCF motions easier for me.

It also made charge characters WAY better. I never had any issues whatsoever with not finding the diagonals like other people said.

I switched to Octogate + smaller joystick ball and it made me enjoy my stick again. It’s not that expensive to order one and try it out. If you don’t like it it’s easy to go back



I just started to realize when throwing motions to sort of flick hrow your wrist so you are not really playing with your arm, you are using your wrist more. this helped me and only took me 30 years to realize =)

in short, keep practicing.