Octo gates- worth it? (Preference wise)


I posted in the newbie section about it but i was advised to go here.

I’ve been having trouble with my TE stick for over a month now. I don’t ride gates, but when it comes to characters like Zangief, and certain QCF motions, the square gate makes things otherwise difficult for me, more so on the P2 side.

I know is based on preference, so which gate do you prefer and why? Pros & Cons of Square/Octo? I know square is great for charge characters, but I dont use charge.


pm sasuke182 or eczangief for round gate, octogate meh


What do you mean? Oh and yeah I know round gates are out there, but i’m sure it can effect blocking

I’ve already ordered the octo gate and I was wondering if i could recieve some feedback from it, moreso from people that use it themselves. What motions are easier to you, etc.


seems to me like you are not used to a square gate.
IMO: you just need to practice with the stick (on p2 side) and dont expect things to become that much easier just by changing plates!

I personally grew to dislike the oct after a while and switched back to a square. But in the end thats all personal preference, and while I could list why I like a square gate better, it wont mean anything because for every good point I can bring up there will be a good point about using an oct gate.

tl;dr: try both out, see which works.

edit: my reason for switching: most cabs at my arcade use square gates, so i spend most of my time on a square gate, and got used to it


I’m not used to ANY gate. This is my first arcade stick (TE). Its been well over a month and ive been practicing daily and still I have not improved. I know, practice, but SFIV is no fun when i’m focusing on actually doing the moves rather than when to do them. I had no trouble on the pad. I know execution is easier on the stick, but for some cases (Zangief, QFCx2) I just have trouble with. I don’t ride gates and I try to use small and concise movements. I figured i would at least test out the octo gate to see how it feels, and if I dont like it i’ll switch back.


Octo is for shmups. :stuck_out_tongue:


nah, round gate sasuke182 or eczangief. they are the only ones who produce them that i know of.

eczangief’s order page http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=221901


I found octo-gates to have too much throw.

If you don’t ride the gates how come you’re having problems?

I’d try out the octo-gate, but I wouldn’t give up on the square gate.


I can’t seem to do QCFx2, or 720’s properly no matter how much i’ve practiced. I figure maybe a different gate will offer a different feel. For $5, I don’t mind. What do you mean by throw?


Some random stick terminology:

Engage: how much you have to move the stick from neutral to a direction before the movement registers (IE, it makes your character move)
Throw: how much further the stick move past engage before it’s stopped by the gate

The throw on an octo is larger than on a square.

As I’ve told you in the noobie section, I really think you’re better of spending more time practicing.

Exactly how are you practicing? What do you do for practice? How much time a day?


I practice on both SFIV and SFII HDR (for execution). I do basic combos and setups in both training mode and arcade mode. I don’t like the feel of it and i’m not ready to go back to pad after I payed money for this stick, so I’ll see how it works with another gate to see if theres any difference before I continue. If i dont like it i’ll switch back.


If you’re not riding the gate, I’m not sure if switching to a octogonal will help you. I main Zangief and have no problems with 720’s. Of course, it took a while for me to adjust since I great up playing exclusively on Happ arcade machines. Have you tried switching your grip type?


This is my grip.


to tell you the honest truth when it comes to square to octo is all in your play style… i played octo when i first started playing fight games seriously . i found it easier to use a octo gate with shoto players (Ie:ryu,ken,akuma,sakura,dan) but now i main balrog and perfer to use a square gate over octo and once in a while ill mess with shoto people and i find it that square gate is better… your throws are not as long as a octo gate is. the shorter the thorw the quicker the response ie hadoken


I use more of a claw grip so I’m not controlling the joystick with just my fingertips. I hold the shaft with my middle and ring finger. Then I grip the top with my index and thumb.


I’m not understanding the concept of throw. My main problem with QCFx2 is that it comes out as shoryuken, unless I do it very slowly. I’m not going to be taking my time in a match, so I find that to be troublesome. I feel like the lack of a corner ramp is throwing off my execution so maybe an octo will help me out.


keep playing you should get used to the square gate pretty soon. I know coming from the local arcades in the past, all I played was Happ sticks. Then one day I bought Agetec II for 3s on my dreamcast. Fast foward 4 years and sfiv comes out. I buy an SE and do what everyone did, sanwa swap. I got this with an octo-gate, but I find square gate to be more accurate. charge or noncharge, i prefer square.

  • Joystick throw refers to the distance required to execute a motion from the neutral joystick position. For example, the amount of distance (effort) to move the joystick in order to move your character “left”.


I find Octo gate easier to use, I have no issues blacking as well as playing charge characters.
If you use characters that have a lot of circler motion its the best mod you can make.
Here is mine:


try the octo-gate, you will go back to square after realizing how dificult it is to block on reaction.

It just seems like you need to learn how to do the motions and train your muscle memory to do them. The octo gate can help with that, but once you learn how to do the motions you will probably want to use the square gate again.