October 24th New Braunfels Texas SF4 Team Tournament Results

1.Team Dallas(FindMyFarms/Entrithoph) -$180
2.Abusement Park(Face/134)- $90
3.Team SA(Mexiwont/Spin4u)-$30
4.Team Austin(JonLo/Viet)

I just want to thank everyone that came out and had a good time and we hope to have you guys come back soon. Wish we could have had a bigger turnout but I guess it wasn’t in the cards and maybe it will be next time. For those that I got a chance to play some 3s with good games guys, and for those I had a chance to talk shop with thanks for the good convo. Sorry goes out to those that came for Balzblue, sadly we just didnt have enough people show up. Dont know when the next tournament will be but I wanna have one soon and maybe do SF4/Blaz/Tekken6/3s?

Good games to everyone that came out and played and good shit to the D Pad for holding this and being so cool. I will definitely come down and hit yall up for some games soon. When’s the next tourney?!?! :bgrin: