These are great events that are going to be going on consistently thanks to Modchipman himself and to “THEMAHDFATHER”!!! Tournaments also scheduled to be once a month as well!!!So keep your eyes open!!!

October 31st(Saturday) HALLOWEEN GATHERING!!!

350 S Main Pl, Carol Stream - (630) 462-8052
My Cell - (630)201-3937

Times: 5:00 P.M. - 12:00 A.M

Fees / Payouts: $10 Venue Fee (everyone has to pay).

PRIZES: PLEASE HOLD ONTO YOUR RECEIPTS AT ALL TIMES! They may be used to throw into a hat for the drawings.

2 different drawings…

1st Drawing

$1 per ticket, as many tickets as you’d like, must be purchased with cash, no CC sales

**3 Prizes
top prize - dual modding service for TE (not including the parts)… value of $60

2nd prize - $20 gift cert to modchipman.com/mod source inventory (includes anything off the website or at the shop)

3rd prize - $10 gift cert to modchipman.com/mod source inventory (includes anything off the website or at the shop)

2nd Drawing

$10 a ticket, as many as you’d like to buy, no credit card purchases, only cash!!

3 Prizes

1st prize

PS3 TE STICK new in box

2nd prize

$50 gift card to modchipman.com/mod source

3rd prize

$25 gift card to modchipman.com/mod source

Customers can buy various tickets for each drawing, no limit on amount of tickets purchased. KEEP your tickets in a safe spot. We’ll probably do drawings around 8-9pm so please purchase the tickets by that time.

Afterparty: If you are over 21 and would like to have a little fun after the gatherings then you can come on over with us to a bar for a few drinks after the gathering!!!

Have any questions or concerns please contact me ASAP.

If you are interested in Sponsoring , running any side tournaments or selling items please contact me at domingoayala3@gmail.com

Modchipman.com tournaments/gatherings are here to stay and are for you the Fighting Game community!!!

Any questions, comments, or interest in running side tournaments please leave a private message or call, if I don’t answer please leave a voice mail and ill reply A.S.A.P.

Thanks again Modchipman.com and to everyone who is coming to these great events for making this all happen.

Domingo Ayala - Modchipman.com’s Tournament Director

Um… can you even buy wired, Sony made PS3 pads? I switched back to pad and have no intentions of trying to play on some crappy imitation brand.

I needs to find a partner for BB.

im pretty sure i can make the tourny this saturday. But i need a partner for sf4, anyone wanna pair up?

oh shit i didn’t know melty was on the lineup, ya dude i’ll be there no question, i wanna win a melty tournament

get a ps2 to usb converter and use a ps2 pad

empty i can bring a tv for melty

ps i posted this on melty bread

also Tekken 6 BR tournaments will start after the 31st

Syxx what time do you think you guys are going to be done on Holloween? Was thinking of putting T6 pretty late just in case if you guys wanted to make the drive down. Give me word asap!

lol well… a lot of us will stay for the lockin that day but the actual tournament will be done at 8. Uhm… ya this is gonna be the first weekend t6 is gonna be out so people will wanna play not drive

All good was just trying to accommodate you guys too!

What’s this I hear about people not paying the venue fee to enter my fine establishment? I am a fair man, but if I find out that any of yoise wise guys ever pull that again, you may find out what it’s like to play Street Fighter 4 whist not being able to use all of your fingers. Capite?

lol man thats too good, every post is epic TheMahdFather!

any body from chicago can give me a ride to the Modchipman Tournament on the October 10th(Saturday) i don,t have a car in it seems this is were all the the good players is it at

Bump, edited Halloween event as there were many changes to the night. Please get that night free as its going to be great!



Lost of people are coming to this!!!

Bump, lots of prizes people!!!

Bring those customes and come get scummy!!!