October 8th, 3s Teams and Singles

Godweapon Best of the Best server, or p2p
NO pings over 90, unless i know you
Teams 3 on 3
If theres a dispute, replay game with me spectating
Starts at 6:30PM EST, 15 min til first DQ’s, 10 min DQ’s after first round

1.Nica KO
2.nataku (2 time champion)
7.bed emp
12.Ryth (Elusive)
13.Ridah 2 CLD
20.ST Vega
31. RPD Rookie
33.hold dat

** TEAMS **

  1. Team Stun 101 Revival: Magman(MA)/NicaKO(RY?)/nataku(CH?)/
  2. XBOX Live Legends: Deviljin01(IB?)/hold dat(KE?)/SuperSamyon(RY?)/
  3.                            : Exodus(YU?)/BedFast Emperor(MA)/Harmonaz(AK?)/
  4.                            : Daemon(KE?)/SmoothCat(CH?)/Rusheddown(HU, if you dont play him remember i get a free shot to the face :D)
  5.                            : HellMurder/Frantastic/BlaQ
  6. Team Michigan Sucks : KOH/Jersh/Bonedry
  7.                          :Idealistic/Gouki7/jion wansu


lol i dont even have to post and you know im there lol…if we dont get a good turn out for the team tournament though i might not show cuz thats a school day for me but we’ll see…the truth is i usually leave kaillera at like 9 on weekdays due to school and my family

its the price to pay for being a senior in high school and living with your mom LOL

im in for both

lol i gave you that special 1st spot too :D. been warming that seat for u for 2 tournies lol.

yeah i wanted super samyon and others to play, they’re a real great addition to the tourney and teams as well. ill keep trying to adjust to see whens the best time. but the last tournies have been running soo good that i dont think finish before 9pm EST will be a problem :tup:

count me in mag

put me in singles

Hey samyon and deviljin… are we having a team?

You can put me in for singles… Idealistic.

But… I’m not sure if I can make it, I think I start work again next week so.

in for singles

me singles now, i’ll pwn all of ya

Yeah…Samyon PM’d me about dat but I heard Matt (who I’m guessing is Hold Dat) would be the 3rd person on the team. We’ll see. This is all considering there’s nothing constricting me from doing this.

Sign me up for both singles and teams at this point in time tho.

Hey bro I had already talked to Hold Dat about making a team before I saw your post so me, Hold Dat, and Devil Jin are going to be a team. Sorry about that:( I didnt see this post till later. My bad:wasted:

In case someone can’t make it and you don’t have a team you can be on ours.

Magneto, put Hold Dat, DevilJin, and SuperSamyon down for a team. We have to make an official team name but for the time being just put us down as Xbox Live Legends. Name is tentative of course. I got to discuss it with them some more.

Quick question, are we required to disclose our team order and character before the tournament?

I’m gonna try to make this for singles.

I want to join too. Username is Ibuki. I was in the last tournament

lol whos this kid.

edit:supersamyon no you can wait til teams start to pick your character. after that though you gotta stay with it :tup:

Tourneys on mondays? WTF :sad:

ill have my decision on a character for the team tournament by the middle or end of this week…

edit: oh yeah i just checked my calander and i should thank mr. columbus for dicovering america cuz i have off on that mon lol…so im in for both

Ibuki - if you keep desyncing by the tournament time, might have to DQ you if i get complaints. u kept ds’ing in our game and a lot of complaints the last tourney about you.

Will you be hosting the team tournament and the single tournament at the same time? Or will the team tournament start after the singles?

Im actually much more hyped over the team tournament.

People need to start socializing a little bit more and start putting together some teams. I think these touranments will be a lot more fun to beginner players if they had a good team backing them up. They can go further into the bracket.

Its a shame that we cant watch each other play though:(

Its cool samyon and deviljin. I didn’t see your post about the xbox legends team until last night lol

So that means I’m a free agent… who wants me??

yeah i like teams a lot more too. and yes it starts right when singles is over.

yea i wish people that say “put me down for a random team” would actually PM others and get it finalized rather than having to wait and arrange random teams at the last second :sad:

Lot of complaints? I played 2 people…Anyways, I hear you. Kids these days…