October Rushdown Orangetown Billiards, NY CVS2, KOF 2000, MOTW, SF3:3S results


Ir was a fine tournament. Too bad not that many people show up. Here are the results. If I made an error or mispelled something, let me know.


1st place: “Johnny” Alicea (A and N groove Mai, Dhalsim, Haohmaru, Kim, Vega, Iori and Yamazaki)

2nd Place: Andy Dumornay “Koolaidsmile”
(K groove Hibiki, Rolento, Guile, Yuri and Haohmaru)

3rd Place: “Decoy” (C groove Honda, Guile and Blanka

SF 3: 3rd Strike

1st Place: Norm Collier (Q)
2nd Place: David “Taunt Master” Patricola (Dudley)
3rd Place: Taurence “Hudson X”(Ken and Elena)

KOF 2000

1st Place: “Johnny” Alicea (Seth, Vaneesa, Robert, Yuri and Ramon)

2nd Place: David “Taunt Master” Patricola (Ryo, Mai, Kim, Yuri, Takuma and Ralf)

3rd Place: John “Rock and Roll” Piazza (Ryo, K’, Clark, Kyo and Joe)

Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves

1st Place: David “Taunt Master” Patricola (Gato)
2nd Place: Norm Collier (Hotaru)
3rd Place: “Johnny” Alicea (Butt)


Yeah, you’ve gotta edit the APEX results…
first of all, you left out John Piazza “Rock n Roll” and Brian Lynch “Sanjuro” in CvS2…
secondly, Andy’s last name is Dumornay, and his name on these boards is Koolaidsmile…
also, you gotta change my name to Rajiv Miller “Orion_of_Chaos” because otherwise I’ll have 2 apex accounts…
I’ll try to find out Decoy’s last name…


heres a hint for increased attendance: mvc2~!:smiley:

but props for the saikyo guys for keepin sf alive in the non-city ny…haha…but seriously, add mvc2 next time and i can bring like 10 ppl…especially since were apex-approved now…


Well i only posted up it up the top 3 players. Sorry nobody told me it’s APEX.


well, whoever input the APEX results needs to fix that…


My bad…

I was going by the results on the brackets, but obviously I was confused . Get ready for the next tournament in Feb.

-X out


Fernando Collon jr ''Decoy"

are those results correct? i got in the 2nd round but you guys have me last:(


My bad…

you guys better have ggx or ggxx at the next tourney, otherwise, I’m not coming…:smiley:


how bout mvc2?? just for fun.


Hey guys, I know it’s a bit late but I just wanted to say that I had a blast at the tournament last Saturday. It was cool to meet you all. :smiley:

Mad props to everyone who showed and represented. :slight_smile:

Yo Johnny, we gotta battle again sometime. Your Kim is too good. I had no answers for him. Team “Credit Card” will be back… you can count on it!

Hudson-X and Taunt Master, you guys are crazy cool. Keep at this tournament thing. If you build it they will come. And Hudson, like I said at our little chat by the bar, if I can help you in some way, just give me a holla back. I don’t have much free time, but I’m sure I can do something!

Rock N Roll, as always, a pleasure to battle you. You gotta teach me some of that cross-up game of yours.



hey, I just realized that the APEX results are put in as September 26 instead of October…