October Southwest Regionals Results


Alpha 2

1st Hung - Ryu
2nd Cmutt - Sakura
3rd Javi - Sodom
4th Fubarduck - Sodom
5th Dark Zero - Chun-Li/Ken
5th AzNHiTlAh - Ken/Rose
7th DeAngelo - Akuma
7th Oscar - Chun-Li
9th Skip - Bison
9th Jive Turkey Jones - Sakura/Ken

Super Turbo

1st Hsien - O Sagat
2nd Cmutt - Ryu/T Hawk
3rd AzNHiTlAh - Ken
4th NoiNoiPinoy - Honda
5th Lay - O Sagat
5th Rudy - Ryu
7th [-_-] - Honda
7th Jive Turkey Jones - DeeJay
9th Ranma0005 - Blanka
9th Hung - Ryu
9th Javi - Honda/O Ryu
9th Chris Dat - Vega
13th Suavion - Guile


1st Rudy
2nd Magneto-X
3rd Buckethead
4th Ron-O
5th Total Toanage
5th Vinnyman
7th Joe R
7th Jumpy
9th Kakarotte
9th JoeyH
9th Hung
9th Tin
13th Ranma0005
13th DeAngelo


1st Marn - Eddie/Jam
2nd Jan - Potemkin
3rd R0B0T - Sol
4th Pozerwolf - Ky
5th Kensou - Order Sol
5th [-_-] - A.B.A.
7th AzNHiTlAh - Johnny
7th Alex P - Slayer
9th Latif - Eddie
9th Maniak - Axl
9th Tirian - Ky
9th Fubarduck - Slayer
13th Gene - Testament
13th FiareFox - May
13th Hsien - Order Sol
13th Magneto-X - Slayer
17th Ranma0005 - Baiken
17th Stevie
17th Manic

3rd Strike

1st Fubarduck - Chun-Li
2nd Hsien - Yun
3rd AzNHiTlAh - Necro
4th Ron-O - Urien
5th [-_-] - Makoto
5th Jose - Necro/Oro
7th JD - Yun
7th Chris Dat - Chun-Li
9th Jive Turkey Jones - Urien
9th Lay - Yun
9th Dante - Akuma
9th Dez - Ken/Hugo
13th Sean
13th Ian
13th RyoDragoon
13th Suavion
17th X
17th NoiNoiPinoy
17th Manic
17th Dustin
17th Total Toanage
17th Hung
17th Painted Pail
17th Ranma0005


1st Buckethead
2nd Ashley
3rd Ron-O
4th Rudy
5th Oscar
5th Omar F
7th AzNHiTlAh
7th NoiNoiPioy
9th Mauricio
9th Jan
9th Suavion
9th Joe
13th Jive Turkey Jones
13th Skip
13th Legendary Gokou
13th Lay
17th JD
17th Manuel

5th AzNHiTlAh - Ken/Rose


chriz u let me down 2 fold
also sad to see ryan not using zappa…

Good shit Marn.

Anybody know the teams the top 5 used in CvS2?

Buckethead = A - Blanka/ChunLi/Eagle(2)
Ashley = K - Akuma/Sagat/Blanka(2)
Ron-O = A - Rock/Ken/Sagat(2)
Rudy = K - Kyo/Blanka/Sagat(2)


Tekken DR

1st l337v1n337
2nd Juan
3rd Jive Turkey Jones
4th Luis
5th Robert
5th Dictator
7th Julia
7th JF Zero
9th BlackyChan

i was playing with Rudy = K - Kyo/Ryu/Sagat(2)

^ ^

good shit vineet, gene, hung

and i guess rudy too

Rudy Vs Magneto-X winners bracket :sweat: :lovin:

3rd, 5th, and 7th is the new 1st place!

Too much Advanced Wars DS. =<

Wheres the rest? WOOOO!! :rofl:

ST Grand Finals Hsein Vs Cmutt game 1

ST Grand Finals Hsein Vs Cmutt game 2

High five to all the guys I tied for 17th with in 3s.

It was nice meeting the players, I was the alex player, who came with Jive and J.D.

I wish I could have played more games but J.D spent all of our credits, hah.

damn Fubar, quit beasting

Sux that DR was the only game ran on Sun.
GG’s to Dictator, J.D., Jive, Akuma/Ken guy in 3S on Sunday

Man I basically lost to pgs. 110-111 in the A2 guide. Heck, even I was thinking of playing with Sodom in the beginning.

MVC2 Grand Finals

Did you guys record GGAC and Cvs2?

More importantly, the Pozer and ROBOT match with Kevin shouting for his money

Who were you?

Tournament was fuuuuuuuuun
I really wanna go back. Hope theres a team tourney next time

Sorry to introduce. I was the Alex player(fierce punch color)