OctoGate in a Hori RAP4 Kai?

I just ordered my first arcade stick this morning (been meaning to buy one for years) and I decided on the Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai.
I’m curious how hard is it to add a octo gate to the Hyabusa stick?

It’s very easy, just a few screws. Focusattack.com has them.

Good to know, thanks,
I would like to try a couple different gates to see what feels best.

http://www.focusattack.com/kowal-hayabusa-octopus-octagonal-restrictor-plate/ Ideally you want this one. Just wait for it to get back in stock.

Yeah I saw that it was out of stock. I was going to see if I could find one somewhere else in the mean time

The only other option for that lever right now is to modify a jlf octagon, which honestly works poorly.

Speak for yourself bro. I ordered both octopus (black and clear, just for fun) and tried it. Since the octagon is bigger than sanwa, it increases the throw of the stick so it takes me longer to do my qcf and qcb motions (i am a king of fighters player) and very hard to do quick back dash into qcf, input drops here and there. Been using the modded jlf octa gate and my motions are a breeze with no diagonal or any other direction drops.

I play kof also, I very much prefer the “octopus”. I had more problems with diagonals using the jlf gate, but if it works better for you, that’s great. Personally, I’d recommend the ls-56 by a mile if you want a short throw octagon anyways.

The JLF octo gate lengthen the throw a lot. With an oversized actuator it’s perfectly fine.
I have still to try the octo gate on the Hayabusa, but its design is by Kowal IIRC so it shouldn’t affect it in any bad way.

Octopus is currently back in stock.

Best way to use Kowal octogate is above the Hori square gate , it work great and reduce the throw.
Just use longer screw.

But wouldn’t the Square gate underneath change the gate opening shape?

Look like with picture , but in move only hit octo gate.
In fact near or less this mod :


huh I might give that a shot while I am at it