Octogate orientation (stop sign?)

I’m thinking of building my first stick but I’m a total noob. Someone said that Sanwa octogates are oriented like an American stop sign, whereas the Seimitsu have the corners at the 8 compass points. What’s the truth?

I’m leaning towards LS-32 with octogate because I hear the dead zone ends right at the edge… I play a lot of Smash Bros. with the Gamecube controller so I thought this would feel the most familiar.

just get a square gate dude, trust me.

either works fine, but square gates are more standard, and they work fine. It just takes adjustment, and nothing is going to help sloppy execution other than just playing.

I was going to get both square and octo and see which I like better. The important thing is, I would hate the stop sign orientation if that’s what Sanwa has, so this affects my decision of which brand stick to buy.

Both Sanwa and Seimitsu Octagonal are oriented the same.
Not like a Stop Sign.

What is point of being like a Stop Sign when the corners are not in the correct position?
It would be super weird to play if was like that.

seimitsu ls-56 octo is another consideration. it’s more of a hybrid between a square and octo. also i thought the ls-32 was a round gate without corners?

What are the differences between the 32 and 56? I can’t tell from looking at Lizard Lick and Akihabara Shop.

That is right.
There is no Octagonal Main Guide for the Seimitsu LS-32(-01), just LS-56(-01).
Can also be used on LS-33 and LS-55(-01).

Seimitsu LS-32(-01) has Round Main Guide available.

Seimitsu LS-56(-01) has longer Shaft than LS-32(-01).
Harder spring on LS-56(-01) compared to LS-32(-01).

Thanks for the information. I guess the LS-56 sounds best now… I’ll see if I can design the control panel to mount either that or a JLF if I decide I hate the Seimitsu.

Which restrictor plate will I have to buy if I want an octogate for my SE fightstick?
(( still the stock Jlf))

thx :wgrin:

Sanwa GT-Y.

If you get a Seimitsu MS mounting plate, you can mount an LS-56 joystick on a panel mount made for a Sanwa JLF. Swap out your stick really easy.

Most panels don’t accommodate the LS-56’s small VF plate it comes with anyway. The MS plate is a no brainer.

Most octagonal gate users prefer the LS-56 octo to the JLF octo (GT-Y). There is NO octo gate available for the popular LS-32, but I think you can mount the LS-56 octo gate in an LS-55 or LS-33.

No octagonal gates use a stop sign pattern. That would be plain silly.

Thanks Drack. Someone else recommended LS-33 + LS56 octogate + LS56 spring, which sounds interesting. I’ll be sure to use the MS plate as well. Are the dimensions identical to the JLF plate?

The other thing I’m wondering about with regards to LS-33 vs. 56 is whether one of them requires more lubing or wears down more easily. I read the 56 feels like it’s grinding.

One thing i will say about the octagonal gate over the square is that it suits 4-way only games better such as Pac-Man… or Donkey Kong… No new games are 4-way only only the v.old original retro classics… I have two sticks square as my main, and as my 2nd i had 4 way only but reverted to octagonal and am happy to live with this as a replacement for my 4-way

i was already planning on trying out a ls-33 fitted with 56 parts. if i do i’ll let you know how it turns out.