Octogonal restrictor

Is the octogonal restrictor the solution for the best feeling, and easy to make moves, playing 2d fighting games?


It honestly is preference. I have always been a Happ user, until about 4 months ago, when I used my first JLF with a square gate. Don’t think I will ever go back to Happ, or anything that is not a square gate. I love it for SF. :smile:

http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=143234 for shoo…

but it is all preference. when i first tried to play on square gates i couldnt do supers to save my life, so i got an octagonal gate. now back on square gate i can do supers all the time. i just need to learn the motions of it.

When I made a switch from p360 to a 4 gate sanwa I couldn’t hit the corners correctly. I put on an octagon gate and relieved the problem somewhat. So I switched back to a 360. Recently I decieded to switch back to sanwa and give the 4 gate one more chance. I got used to it about 2 weeks of constant playing. Now its my main stick of choice, it just feels right.

I put on an octagon gate just to mess around. I immediately put back on the 4 gate, now I dislike octagons, lol.

But I still love my p360.

The Octagon Gate is like Training Wheels for japanese sticks.

Square is amazing, Especially for charge chars

agreed, though I hear Seimitsu octagonal gates are much better than Sanwas. They actually reduce the throw instead of increasing it. They make all the directions equal to the cardinal directions (north, south, east, west/ up, down, left, right) instead of the diagonals like on the horrible JLF one. An LS-56 w/ octagonal gate sounds like it would be awesome for Marvel.

thank you :3