Oculus Rift co-founder killed by gang trying to escape police

Fuck the gangs… We lost a brilliant man because of a stupid gang.

Ki Shima is going to be mad as fuck.


Holy shit :mad:

I guess he didn’t see it coming…

Too soon?

[size=2]In all honesty, though, it’s a terrible loss and my condolences to his friends and family.[/size=2]

Well at least the idiot sub-literate thugs are okay right. RIP Reisse, who actually tried and accomplished something productive.

This is so messed up. The Oculus Rift is really picking up steam, and now a key member is gone. And he was just a bystander too. I’m sure he can RIP knowing that the headset is going to be a hit.

Just woke up and saw this over on slashdot. Heart wrenching. His life was about to go nuts, and he put so much time and work and effort into the Oculus and various other projects. Killed by a fucking gang that thought a getaway car in today’s day and age was a good idea. Enjoy prison for life, fuckers.

…And run.

That’s a bizarre turn of events. I’m hoping now that the OR really does succeed. Leaving behind a legacy like that would be small consolation, but it’s still something.

Forgive my ignorance, what is Oculus Rift?

Like the virtua boy but not shit and with a name sounding like a rather nasty eye condition.

Shame the guy went like that, hope those gang members go inside for as long as the law allows.

That’s horrible.

Oh what the fuck… Reading that made me legit upset… Damn.

This is very upsetting. An innocent life lost because of a group of stupid punks.

Yeah at the very least his death will stir up a bit more publicity for the OR and generate decent sales. Not exactly equivalent exchange but it’s more than what most others accomplish living decades longer.

Everyone check out an awesome game called Routine…that is oculus rift supported…just imagine how revolutionary the OR will be if more games make use of it like that.

RIP to the guy who will potentially make virtual reality, finally a reality :sad: Glad those fuckers got what they deserved.

The universe just isn’t fair. The gang bangers should have been the ones to get the big sleep. Not this man.

Wow, what a bunch of pieces of shit.

There is nothing sadder than a man on the cusp of greatness cut down in his prime. But instead taking the easy route of writing these guys off as “pieces of shit” maybe take a moment and think about why they do what they do. If those thugs had been given the same opportunities as Riese when they were growing up they would have turned out very differently…

No those pieces of shit did that because they chose to live that life

Lots of people rise from the ghetto without being shitheads