Oculus Rift/HTC Vive/GearVR/G-cardboard/PlaystationVR - the VR thread that no one asked for!

I was skeptical and thought it was a fad and gimmicky but now I’m a believer after trying out the HTC Vive. It looks lame when you watch the screen of what the person is seeing but it’s completely different through those magical lenses. I’m psyched to see more of the content and where they can really take it.

I’ve tried them all except the PlaystationVR which isn’t out yet. If I had one chance to convince someone to like VR then I highly recommend trying the HTC Vive demo if there’s a location in your city. It is the clear winner this first round of VR.

It’s gonna be lonely thread OP. @“Ki Shima” will be the only one to keep you company.

A friend of mine already has the PlayStation VR starter bundle pre-ordered. When he gets it is when I’ll try it out.

Pornhub has a VR category. Haven’t checked it out because I’m very particular about my fap sessions but it’s there.

I seent it.

Good. He can post here instead of the steam and PC games thread, so people can talk about their Pc and games in peace without

THE REVOLUTION IS COMING, AND THAT NEW GAME NOW WONT EVEN BE CLOSE TO A VR GAME WHERE YOU WIELD A DILDO AND ARE ACTUALLY CJ FROM SAN ANDREAS!!! (except he’s not on the level to give ideas out on what it will be about, why it can be cool, even ones like that and its all youtube spam. Not gdamn once : a game about OPTIC BLASTS)

you’ll see, you’re all see… crazy guy on a soapbox on the street corner.

Sony’s the entry to all of it then by keeping the costs down comparatively? There aren’t different brands to this like Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD though right?