Odd Balrog/Deejay thing

So I fire up some SF3: Upper (or whatever the hell its called with the extra characters in SFA3) the other day to play with a few friends who are really into alpha. In between getting my ass kicked, I noticed something trying to play Balrog and Deejay like I do in ST (note to self: learn how to play alpha right). It seems you can only use their Headbutt/Upkicks as a reversal! WTF is with that shit? Am I doing something wrong?

Balrog’s headbutt in Alpha 3 is only a reversal.

Dear god. Not only do they nerf his rush speed from ST, but then they took is headbutt effectively away too?? No wonder I hate alpha >:|

Well, it isn’t Super Turbo, so if you want to play him you’ll have to treat it as a different game. There are much better characters to pick though, IMO

Dee Jay has the Jackknife Maximum in X-ISM and V-ISM. FYI, the Short version has the best priority, and can be used for anti-air, though it can be guarded in the air.

In Arranged SFA3, Boxer has the Buffalo Headbutt as a regular special move, but only in V-ISM. A-ISM Boxer, however, can only use the Headbutt as a Reversal. This move cannot be used in X-ISM.

Ahh, thanks!