Odd Combo with SA1



After watching a vid about Kara-cancelling into Makoto’s supers (qcf, SK, qcf+P), I was attempting to do this combo (6-hit):
charged Hayate , kara-SA1

However, I kept on resetting with the SK half the time. On one occasion though (against Oro), I managed to get this combo (7-hit):
charged Hayate, SK xx SA1

Just thought it was an interesting combo to post since I’ve watched a bunch of combo vids before and never seen it, not sure if anyone’s ever seen it before.

I had bakemono try it and he was able to connect it against Ryu twice.

After some testing, I think that the SK may not be connectable on Urien, possibly allowing the kara-SA1 to work. I’m terrible at doing Kara-anything asides from normal throws, so I’m asking any skilled Makoto players to here to try it out and post your findings.


vids? what? where?


now who in the world can use charged hayate in tourney? :wink:


You’re right, charged Hayate will probably never connect in a match. It’s more of a combo vid thing. But hey, it’s always something you can try when you get someone dizzy to get some style points or cheers from the crowd.


I am SO confused. I think you’re using the wrong term. Are you trying to say super cancel?

Kara gives you more range. I don’t think you can kara supers (man, that would be SICK).

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Sure u can


of course you can – if you can cancel the animation of a move with another move, what makes you think you can’t cancel the move with a super?


Too sick. I’ll take it as true, but I won’t even try a kara super as I know I’m not fast enough.

I’m still confused. Why do we even need a kara super for this combo? A well timed SA1 after the hayate will combo. And why does it have to be a charged hayate?

n00b, I know I know. :stuck_out_tongue:


it’s a reset combo. O_o charged hayate sends the opponent flying. that’s why it has to be in the corner. short moves her forward so she can super.


JBlaze : here’s the vid for doing kara supers with Makoto. link

exodus: it’s not a reset combo, technically I consider resets to “combos” that give escape opportunities (by parrying). The 7-hit verison of the combo I posted actually cancels the SK(upon hit) so fast that the SA1 hits before they flip (true combo). Similar to using Dudley’s f+MK xx Jet Upper, or c.SP xx SA3 as a juggle.

I’m trying to figure out if the 6-hit version is actually possible, by not hitting with the SK but using it to move closer to allow all the hits of SA1 to connect (usually you get only one hit). So far every character seems to get hit by the SK, but I haven’t been able to hit Urien with it, so I think he might be a prime candidate for the kara-SA1.


imhien and I will get some footage of this today so you all can see exactly what he’s talking about. It’s not very practical as exodus pointed out. But it’s still some nice combo vid material.

J Blaze: we’re talking about the glitchy standing short kara cancel that makoto has. The timing really isn’t that hard at all. This is how I do it: qcf, short, qcf+p. Make sure you let go of the joystick when you press short or you’ll probably get a towards+short or a crouching short.


Hoooooooooooooly fuck. That link was definitely worth checking out. I learned something new, thanks!


yea, true – ‘reset’ came to mind after i thought about charged hayate knocking someone down.


I was playing a friend and a weird thing happened, I had Ibuki he had Makoto. I was trying to do a crossup kuni into SA1, he did Makoto’s uppercut. The game completely slowed down and out of this frenzy of button presses he comboed her SA1 from the uppercut, it look completely cool with all the slow down stuff happening. The last hit didn’t connect but it was pretty weird.

(this was on the dreamcast verson)