Odd Phone Wallpapers of GD: Analysis and Discussion


This idea came into my head a few minutes ago as I remembered something a coworker and I talked about earlier today. I was finally asked why I had the wallpaper I did. It was the first time I was asked this question in recent memory and I wanted to give them the full answer but it was my lunchbreak son. But a nigga aint got time to be shelling out his universal perceptions over egg salad. So I just told them I thought it looked cool. And while that was true, the real reasons were surfacing and gnawed at my fucking head. So i got to thinking about having a certain peice of art identify your own modern tome of information and what that really means. A background on your lock screen is the easiest thing someone can identify your phone with besides a case. Lots of people keep stock images or a sunrise or pics of the family as the background but I am interested in what the culturally advanced and diverse people of SRK’s GD have.

I guess I’ll start with mine:
[spoiler=] The Agnew Clinic by Thomas Eakins

This was a comission by the students of the University of Pennsylvania to honor the surgeon & professor David Hayes Agnew. I’m sure having an 1880s lecture in Gross Anatomy isn’t a very standard thing to drape over your phone screen but I think I was subconsciously much more intrigued by the reaction of the students in the background. I do not get queezy around blood. I work in a hospital when I am away from school where the stuff can splatter on a gurney and all over the sheets. I have to walk past a morgue almost everyday and today I was in a supervisor’s office who had paper tags reading “AUTOPSY REQUIRED” ready to be handed out amongst the cadavers. The students yawning at the sight of such an operation might be something I relate to much more than I have previously thought, now that I am writing this out. They were actually the first thing I noticed about this piece. The next thing was the hands of Dr. Agnew. After reading up on this painting I found out he requested not to have blood on him. This was probably in regards to Eakins’ earlier painting “The Gross Clinic” which was much more gory and unsanitary in comparison. But being a surgeon you can’t be spotless, so little splatters are shown on Dr. Agnew’s gown, his hands, and the scalpel as he is lecturing. I think I relate this to most authority figures as they can act as clean and dignified as can be, that still doesn’t change the fact I can see blood on their hands. At the same time, seeing the bad in others doesn’t really shock me either.
Im positive I can delve more into this if people are actually interested. But im a little worn knocking this whole post out in one take (on mobile at that). Hell, im down for sharing MBTI’s and see where the thread can go (I dont think it belongs in IMM).

I hope I dont just have too much faith in you guys as I know for some of you having a random broad or a pair of boobies is probably most likely, and that’s perfectly okay. But if anyone else as a painting of a historical event, a meaningful photo, or an awesome landscape I would love to see it. Or just take this as a nightly rambling of a crazy person and move along…or go ahead and analyze a fat ass. :tup:


Mine is some stock animated image. I’m not too into my phone to look for and place a meaningful wallpaper image on it, and I don’t like giving people icebreakers/excuses to talk to me. Most of those types of niggas/broads are annoying as fucc :mad:

This is an interesting topic, though. Hope more people post their wallpapers/thoughts.


im boring

my lock screen is my older daughter



home screen is younger daughter




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Someone I knew in the Navy had all types of wallpapers with Stalin, Hitler, Mao Zedong and such, as his heroes.

I would say he’s a bit corrupt, but that’s :coffee:


Yume 2kki’s pipe organ area because i love this game.




Ok playa hata. Everybody isn’t trying to be in Space Paranoids :rolleyes:

I had wallpapers of Marat’s Assasination, Caesar’s Assassination, Caesar’s Triumph, Greek senate, revolutions, etc. I think my last videogame one was Ninja Gaiden related




i keep forgetting you’re white


Lock screen:



Home screen:




Lock screen - Prometheus Earth hologram that David picks up, I used to have as my home screen when I had a parallax app installed.



Parallax app is pretty cool

Home screen: Static images are old skool
Doesn’t hurt the battery battery life too much either


My Lock Screen:



I wanted to purchase this as a poster a long time ago but they sold out, it also glows in the dark.

Here is the glow in the dark version:



My Home Screen:



I’ve always liked the Bioshock Enviorment and it makes a pretty good wallpaper.


Thanks for the new wall paper.


Lock screen: [details=Spoiler]


I do need a new home screen wallpaper, but i don’t know what to use since they get covered up by all the apps.


Wow I actually did a replica of The Agnew Clinic last week! I love the juxtaposition between “modernity” of the anatomy of the female and the the somewhat traditional reactions of each of the observers. My lock screen is actually a Czech movie poster from katastrofa and my home screen’s photography from Robert heniecken’s set “are you rea”. I’ll add pics when I get home cuz iphone

lock screen







NickRocks sporting the cute family. :tup:


NAH RELAX my bm is





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I use one of the stock lock screen images just cos I like the picture. In moments of turmoil it helps me to calm down.




On that hill across from that chinese bakery. I know the place. Occasionally take the 5 train to Bklyn Bridge and walk over. Those muscleheads at the park are kinda funny kicking little kids off the bars.