Odd problem (360)

I bought street fighter 4 on release day and was pretty psyched about it, but after maybe half an hour of gameplay, i was told that the disk was dirty and i needed to restart; so i cleaned the disk, but the problem continued.

the next day i went to the game store and they replaced it free of charge, however the problem still continued and i assumed now that it was because my hdd was at about 500mb, so i bought a new hard drive and the problem was still happening.

now after quite a long time of having to quit after 5 or 6 matches i installed the game. but the problem continues and seems to be getting worse. normally i would just disgard the game but street fighter 4 has allready become all i play now even with the restarts.

so i was wondering if anyone can help with causes or solutions because at this point i have run out of ideas

Edit - i’ve played several other games for hours at a time without problem

it’s probably the dvd drive on the xbox360. It can be replaced if you buy the correct model brand/model number.

That’s what happened to mine. Eventually, it RROD’ed and I just got the system replaced by Microsoft since it was still under the 3 year RROD warranty.