Odd Ps360 Problem On PC


I purchased a Ps360 in early December. So Far no problems and has been an easy mod for a noob like myself. It works as intended without a problem, But I have two weird issues. The first Is I use it in ps3 mode on pc. I do this because I own a ps3 and rarely use a 360(I purchased this in case I wanted in on 360 tourneys and games). Now Kawaks and neorage both don’t like The POV hat the stick uses in windows, as well as Neopop. Also when my FS3 is plugged in, the Ps360 becomes stick 2 for all my programs even mame, even when the Ps360 is plugged in first. So My two player games get screwed up even after unplugging. Is there any way around this? I’m not big on setting my stick to 360 mode on my laptop. My second problem is on the install primer seen on focusattack. If I set select and turbo to the same button, it said in the primer turbo would be disabled, It’s not. Is that normal or a typo in the primer? Thanks for all the help in advance.


Have you tried it on another computer with same result?
Also, Select and Turbo together means that you can use Select as notmal on PS3 and 360 and change modes. On PC it depends on how you have it mapped I guess.
I know some people posted about it in my thread working fine in Windows so you might want to talk to them and ask how they did it.